In Mehek Update Thursday 24th october 2019 on zee world, Snake bites Mehek as she fall down in pain and goes unconscious Shauyra sees that and shouts her name.

Previously: Mehek update Wednesday 23rd October 2019 on zee world

Kanta asks Mehek to not close eyes, Shaurya calls to bring out car from garage, grandma asks Shaurya to tie cloth on her wrist so poison doesnt spread, Shaurya does it, grandma says i will bring herbal medicine i have, she leaves.

Shaurya tries to cut her hand and bring out poison, his hand shivers, he brings snake’s sting from her hand with knife, Shaurya sucks on Mehek’s hand where snake has bitten and sucks snake poison out of her, he coughs, Kanta says Shaurya! dont do it, you will be in danger, Karona asks Shaurya to stop, doctor is coming. Shaurya says I have to save Mehek, he pleadingly looks at her. Shaurya asks Mehek to open eyes, i wont let anything happen to you.

Shaurya says to Mehek that you are looking very beautiful. Svetlana is leaving house with snake dealer but her bag have stone attached to it and its reflection falls on Mehek’s face who is still in Shaurya’s arms, Mahek feels reflection of light on her face, she turns to see who is it there, Svetlana runs away with snake dealer before Mehek can see.

Kanta calls Grandma and says we have showed Mehek’s kundli before, there was no flaw in it, now it has sarv dosh? Shaurya meets pundit and says I wouldnt have gotten married to her if i believed in these kundli and all, i dont believe in all this, pundit says you dont believe in God too?

Kanta and Mahek are on call with grandma, grandma asks Shaurya to cure this flaw, we can remove this flaw from Mehek’s kundli, we can have solution for it, Shaurya says i dont need anything, this is rubbish. Karona whispers to grandma that i am giving you money then why this drama?

Grandma says I am doing this for your benefit, Mehek’s kundli have sarv dosh. Mehek asks grandma to give call to Shaurya, she does. Mehek says to Shaurya that let someone do something for their happiness for once, if grandma wants to do something then agree to it please, Shaurya says okay.

Grandma comes in garden, Svetlana brings snake dealer to house. Grandma buys poison-free snake from him, Svetlana and snake dealer turns to leave house. Shaurya comes in garden and plucks roses for Mehek in a basket. Sharma family arrives at his house.

Mehek says to Shaurya that i saw something glittering there, they go in garden. In garden, grandma looks at snake container and says snake God everyone present you milk but if you do my work then I will be presenting you wine, grandma is about to look in container of snake but Shaurya and Mehek comes there, she gets tensed. Pooja to remove Mehek’s kundli dosh starts. All family members of Shaurya and Mehek are busy in pooja.

Shaurya looks at Mehek and smiles, Mahek hints at him to concentrate on pooja, he nods and closes his eyes. Grandma sees all have their eyes closed. Mehek holds Shaurya’s hand to put ghee in havan.

Svetlana and snake dealer comes out of house, Snake-dealer says to Svetlana that we did one mistake, instead of giving her poison-free snake, I gave her poisonous snake, Svetlana gets tensed and says you stupid, she calls grandma.

Karona calls someone and says we got 4 crores after selling those properties? i want double of that amount, sell something but i want money, she ends call. Shaurya comes there, Karona gets tensed thinking he had heard her but Shaurya comes to her and hugs her.

All go in house, Mehek turns to go inside but her dupatta gets stuck in car’s door, she is about to slip but Shaurya comes and holds her in his arms, they lovingly smile at each other, rose patels from Shaurya’s basket fall on them.

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