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Trailing Anjali a young lady was being checked and dealt good with by Shaurya and Mehek, in Mehek Update Thursday third October 2019 Zee World the Doctor presently guarantees them that she’s been put on Observation and afterward things were been assembled to put the hooligans who we’re masterminders of this in the slammer.

Mehek and Shaurya is Dazed and Karuna enhances Shaurya’s room in order to satisfy them when they return.

Dolly is by all accounts very please as she says you truly are a decent mother.  Shaurya says how might she accompanied us? I realize you are concerned we can help her monetarily. Mehek says she is separated from everyone else. There are numerous hooligans. I wanna help her. We need to take her. She could bite the dust. We are in charge of her damage. We need to support her and spare her structure these hooligans. Shaurya says what will our life be in the event that we continue taking individuals home. He says will she come? Mehek says I addressed her. Mehek says she has nobody. We need to give her another life. He says OK. Mehek expresses profound gratitude. She says I persuade you. He says whats her name? She says just anjali. Mehek says in heart I don’t have the foggiest idea about reality can’t let you know.

Plans were currently being made on respecting the new more interesting who’s name is Anjali. Dolly says I realize you are irate in light of the fact that they are bringing a more unusual home. We confronted to such an extent. Karuna says they don’t tune in.

Anjali says to Mehek what will individuals say? Mehek says don’t you wanna know truth. She says I am truly frightened. I beocme an issue for individuals. Mehek says there is no reason to worry. Mehek and Shaurya return home. Karuna embraces them and says I was so stressed when I heard over the mishap.

Shaurya says that is anjali. Mehek says would she be able to live with us? She says yes. Mehek says gives up in at that point. Karuna says think this is your home. SHe says I was raised in halfway house. Karuna says come rest. You will leave totally fit from here.

Mehek takes Anjali to her room and says please sit. She says on the off chance that you need anything let me know. Unwind. Dolly looks in. She says shaurya we can’t confide in individuals. SHaurya says Mehek requested that I bring her. I wasn’t prepared. Karuna says she is frightened. She needs care. Dolly tells Kanta. Kanta says this isn’t right. We can’t confide in individuals. Dolly syas I am truly stressed. Kanta says I will converse with Mehek. Jeevan says its their family matter. She says that is wrong. We can’t keep outsiders in the house. You know how passionate Mehek is. Mehek has caring heart. Be that as it may, we can’t go for broke after what occurred. I will converse with Mehek.

Karuna comes to Mehek and says let me rub your heads. Mehek says your hands are brimming with adoration. Mehek says do you think you required a little girl? Karuna is quiet. Mehek says what occurred. She says God gives us what is best for us. Mehek says I will go to diamond setter tomorrow and get a memento made that has photographs. Karuna says I am resting. Mehek says is there anything you wanna let me know? She says no. she leaves.

Dolly says this Anjali was taking this memento from our home. Shaurya says is that valid? she says no I never took. If it’s not too much trouble tune in,, Mehek says please tune in. Shaurya sees the memento.

Dolly says for what reason would you say you are frightened on the off chance that you didn’t take? Shaurya says do you know something about it?

Mama please let me know. Dolly says I will take her to imprison. She takes Anjali. Mehek and shaurya pursue her. Karuna says stop dolly. Shaurya says for what reason do you have tears in eyes for this young lady? What’s going on in this house? Karuna says she is my little girl. Everybody is stupified. Shaurya takes a gander at her. Mehek gestures. Karuna says this memento isn’t hers. Anjali is crying. She says I made her wear this when she was conceived. Unforgiving says how might you say that. How might she be your little girl.

Karuna says I was informed that she passed on. Cruel says your daddy said you can’t be a mother. That implies this occurred before our wedding. That implies she is an ill-conceived youngster.

you are a characterless lady. This young lady is confirmation of your character. Shaurya says shut up father waht are you saying about mama. Allow her to talk. He says mama please disclose to me what this. I will believe you tell. Brutal says I am embarrassed about her. you can’t see her existence shaurya. Improper lady. Mehek says father please. Try not to say this. We as a whole commit errors. You can’t discuss mama’s past. He says so would it be a good idea for me to disregard this? She had a kid before marriage? When she was not ready to conceive an offspring her dad offered her to me? Karuna disclose to me what number of ill-conceived children do you have? Shaurya says father stop it. You can’t affront mama like this. Mehek says kindly don’t make statements like those please. we realize you are irate. he says fine agree with her position. However, I won’t pardon her for this.

Mehek takes Anjali to her room. She says I need to go from here. My mother’s life is demolished as a result of me. I am extremely heartbroken. Release me. I shouldn’t have come here. Karuna comes there. Karuna touches Anjali’s face. She says I brought this memento for you. I made you wear this. At that point individuals took you and I was informed that you are dead. Your father gave me this news. Every one of the specialists let me know. This is all I knew. she swipes her tears. She says I am heartbroken. I was here still you were raised like a vagrant. you will live where I live consistently.

Mehek says I became acquainted with this in clinic. I didn’t tell Shaurya. I would not like to hurt you. Anjali was not persuaded to come here. I can know Anjali’s torment. I lost my folks as well. I will do anything I can. You will both live here. I will converse with shaurya and he will converse with dad.

Mehek comes to Shaurya and says mama needs you. She said she will go out. She didn’t know Anjali was alive. She is her girl. she shouldn’t live like a vagrant. No one but you can persuade everybody. Kindly don’t take mama and anjaliu’s correct structure them. Mama wont go out. Maa upheld you in good and bad. You need to support her. Shaurya says you knew it all right? She says yes. He says still you didn’t let me know? She says I needed to be certain first. It was about mama I needed to know everything firs.t He says first keep myself from your point of view. He says at that point proceed to make sense of it. She says I needed to let you know yet I proved unable. Anjali is your sister. She needs your assistance. He pushes her hand and leaves the room. Anjali is on the doorstep. Shaurya leaves.

Harsh says to Karuna you need to settle on me and your ill-conceived kid. Mehek says mama you must be solid for Anjali. Its a stun for everybody. Daddy feels conned however you need to make him see reality. I will converse with shaurya don’t stress. She says will he concur? Mehek says yes he will. He truly cherishes you. He is frantic at me for concealing truth from him. Karuna says in the event that you revealed to me this it wont have occurred. She says yes everybody ought to have heard this reality from you and that is the reason I brought her here. In the event that I said it would have resembled an allegation. Karuna says you have returned me my little girl bless your heart.

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