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Mehek 14 July 2020 update: Suvetlana comes home and says with Shaurya and Mahek I think we should get Arush and Sweeti married too. Sajita says how will we prepare in this less time. Sharma says she is right. Shaury and Mahek should come together soon. Swati says you are right aunty. Lets prepare. Mahek says we shouldn’t be hasty. Sajtia says you wanted to marry him early too. Mahek says we will marry as per our plan. Shaiury says no we will get married this. Sajti says please say yes mahek. We will prepare everything. Mahek nods. Swati says congratulations.

Mehek update Tuesday 14th July 2020 Rashmi prepares for haldi and mehdni. She says everything should be perfect.
Suvetlan sasy to arush get ready. He says you can’t force me to marry. Suvetlana slaps him and says if you want to make your life better marry. Try to understand. I am doing what is right for both of us. Nothing should go wrong or you know wat will I do. She leaves.

Mahek is worried. SHe says Suvetlana is upto something. She calls Shaurya and says dont’ get me wrong. I wanna marry you but we shouldn’t be hasty. Why is suvetlana saying all this. Shaurya says please dont’ stop this weddng now. Relax dont’ worry. Sweeti takes the phone and says its sangeet get ready and let him get ready too. Call after function. Mahek is worried. SAjita asks Mahek to get ready. Sharma brings in sweets and everytihng. Maehk says everything is happening so fast. Mahek says there is some reason.
Sharam says I doubt too. Mahek tells him everything. He says let it go like this., We will grab and see her what is her plann.

Mehek 14 July 2020 Rasmi does arti and welcomes everyone. People start dancing. Shaurya comes too. Swati dances. Sharuya gives a rose to Mahek. He says I can’t stay away from you. sHe says me too. Sweeti says so hasty? Tey tease them. Suvetlana gets a call. SHe says don’t be late. Come from front door. Sharma is hearing. He says mahek was right. Suvetlana calls baba and says everything is like what we planned. Sharma comes to Mahek and tells her everything. Evveryone is busy in dancing. He says we have to be careful. Mahek says I will come with you too. Mahek says suvetlana isn’t here either. He says lets expose her. Mahek says its about sweeti’s wedding too. We have to wait. Shaurya says wait? Shaurya says I wont wait for anyone. He makes her eat sweets. Shaurya says mahek is hiding something from me.

Mehek update Monday 13th July 2020 on zee world

Shaurya says why you look worried? She says I am not. He says then say I love you in front of everyone. He comes close to kiss her. She shoves him and syas everyone is here. You wont find your name on my mehndi. He asks the girl to write her name of his wrist. He says no more competition. I wont ever let you lose. Sweeti says mom see our brother.

Arush says to Suvetlana why are you doing all this. You can’t force me to marry her. I am only marrying her for money. Sweeti comes and says mom get mehndi on your hands. Why you look worried? She says arush ordered a set for you. Its not here so he is worried. Sweeti says I don’t want anything but your love.

Mehek update 14 July 2020 Yuvraj and dadi come outside. Shaurya says what are you doing here. Dadi says give up on this relationship. We took your kundli to pandit ji. He said you have some relationsip with this girl from past life. Shaury says enough get out. Yuvraj says I am your dad. Shaury says enough. Take them from here inspector. Rashmi comes outside. He says he is my son. I am father and thats why I came here. You can’t see rashmi but that girl is death for your son. Dadi says think once.
Mahek asks shauyra where were you? He says nothing dont worry. Rashmi comes back. She is worried.
Everyone is dancing. Suveltana sneaks outside. Coach goes after her. Maek goes too. Saurya comes and says where are you going? She says I invited a friend and waiting for him. Yuvraj says on call mahek carry on there. Don’t worry. I will handle everything here. Shaurya says mahek today is so important. You are on call. Swweti says mom left for early? Arish says she wasn’t well and didn’t want to spoil the function. Sweeti says ma are upset. what happeened? Rashmi says nothing.

Mehek 14 July 2020 Suvetlana says on call you had to do this today. She sees that sharma is keeping an eye on her. She says something big is goin to happen in mandap. sharma calls mahek and tells her. Someone stabs him. Mahej says why did he stop speaking? Shaurya comes and says lets go in.

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