Mehek update Tuesday 19th January 2021 On Zee world


Mehek 19 January 2021: Mehek Tuesday 19th January 2021, Mahek is practicing. Shaurya’s friend says to Mahek its SHaurya’s birthday today. We have prepared surprise party for him. You have to come.
Mahek comes to Swati and says please help me. Please do something i have to go to the party. Swati says okay go I will handle here.
Everyone is dancing in the party. Mahek comes. SHaurya’s friend calls Yuvraj and says she is here. We will leak her photos. Mahek says I don’t know any of them. Where is Shaurya?
Swati calls mahek. She says be home on time. Don’t eat or drink anything.
Mahek looks around for Shaurya. Shaurya’s friend comes and says you are here. Mahek says where is shayra? He says its surprise party. Shaurya will come with friends. Don’t worry. Come inside or he will see you.
He says to waiter give her everything.

Rashmi says Shaurya eat something. He says in heart why i feel so weird.
Shaurya’s friend says eat something. She says i don’t wanna eat. He says have a drink. She says I am on a diet. He says you are shaurya’s special friend. We have to serve you. I will make a drink for you. He mixes something in her drink. Mahek drinks it.

Rashmi asks shaurya are you okay? he says I am fine. Rashmi says is your daddy upto something wrong? i know your daddy and dadi. shaurya says how you know? He calls Mahek. Mahek says to his friend its shaurya. He says don’t pick his call here. go to room and call there.
Shaurya says why is mahek not picking. Rashmi says what happened? He says ma please i am really worried for mahek.
Mahek comes to room. Her head is numb. His friend says talk to him here we will stay outside. Mahek picks his call and faints. shaurya hears karan and his friends talking. He says I was scared for this. Rashmi says go to her place. Shaurya says she isn’t there. I know daddy planned all this. this is all my fault. I have to save her. Ma please help me. Shaurya pretends that get got a bruise. Rashmi calls doctors. Shaurya says daddy please bring painkiller. Dadi says I will bring haldi. Rashi goes out and locks the room. Shaurya stole Yuvraj’s phone and reads his texts with Karan. He says what is going on.

Shaurya texts Karan how is task going? He replies going back. Shaurya says give me address I will come there. He replies uncle I will handle. Don’t worry. shaurya texts tell me where you are. He sends shaurya location.
Yuvraj comes back with painkiller but shaurya isn’t in his room. He says rashmi ma? Where are they all? Yuvraj says where is my phone?
Mahek is on bed. Karan and his photographer prepare to take her photos. Shaurya comes to party. Everyone says surprise. Shaurya looks for Karan and Mahek. He asks everyone where is karan? Everyone says shaurya you have cut cake with us. He says I dont wanna come. Where is Karan?


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