In Mehek Update Tuesday 1st October 2019 Zee World, fear based oppressors are seen planting bombs around the Wedding Stage. In any case, doing that Mehek together with Shaurya located them.

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Laali energetically asks is it and says she left her gold ring there and to send it by means of Mehek as she is going to Meera’s commitment. Woman concurs. Mehek’s relative exhaust that Laali’s show is proceeding till now. Laali enthusiastically thinks if Mehek and Vivan come, media will cover them and Vivan will meet Sharuya as his companion.

The bomb planted around the wedding stage will before long detonate as the Terrorists theathens mehek’s Family. It will detonate at home clergyman’s little girl’s wedding. Family examine in the event that they join together, god will support them. Security staff declares last security check before wedding function begins. Fear monger cautions Mehek to execute his arrangement and not let security check festoons, else she won’t have the option to meet her family.

Back at Mehek’s home, uncle starts hacking and says he is having stomach hurt. He advises family that they need to incapacitate psychological oppressors some way or another and should utilize papaji’s meds for that.

Mehek and Shaurya think how to stop security faculty checking bomb wreath. Shaurya quietly sends security on the opposite side. Mehek breaks oil can and spills oil around providing food region and setting fire yells.. Security’s consideration redirects. Shaurya reproves his staff for being reckless while fear based oppressor expels laurel from stage. Visitors demands Shaurya for a move and he strolls with them. Psychological militants stroll toward Shaurya, however Mehek stops them and requests to allow him to move, else they will be questioned.. Fear based oppressor’s Boss pursues Shaurya and beats him…

Abba says to his men be cautious. Try not to do any error or I will slaughter you. Arman comes and says Shaurya ran. You remain here and handle the men. Shaurya more likely than not gone to his in laws to spare them. I will accomplish something don’t stress. You handle here. Abba says we need to finish the mission today. Arman says yes I know. He leaves. He sits in the vehicle and removes his veil. Its Shaurya wearing Arman’s cover. He drives towards the house. Arman is in the vehicle trunk. He says open it.

Mehek’s family trust that a shot will occupy fear mongers’ consideration. Fear mongers go to get ready tea. Uncle picks medication box quietly and attempts to blend them in water. Psychological militants return and catch them and garbage them fiercely. Shaurya wears manager’s veil and goes to safeguard family. He thumps entryway and in manager’s voice requests to open entryway. Fear monger opens entryway. Shaurya strolls in.

Shaurya camouflaged as fear monger’s manager strolls to family and lifts uncle. He requests that fear based oppressors take everybody safe house, he will handle them all. At wedding scene, Mehek attempts to take out bomb fixed festoon when lady calls her. She strolls to lady of the hour. Lady of the hour tensely inquires as to whether she is looking fine, she is apprehensive. Mehek says she is looking excellent, today is her day and everything will go well. Lady of the hour proceeds with photograph shoot. Mehek asks matarani to help Shaurya bomb psychological militant assault.

At safe house, Shaurya goes about as tormenting his family and requests to bring covers aas he doesn’t need anybody see them. He infuses psychological oppressors rather and they breakdown. Another fear based oppressor comes. Shaurya infuses even him and evacuates his veil. Family gets cheerful seeing Shaurya. Shaurya liberates them. Another psychological militant comes. At wedding setting, psychological oppressors jam portable sign. Mehek sees no system on her portable. Shaurya attempts her number, however it is distant.

Abba sees Mahek in wedding scene and says she is here then who was on telephone? Pastor’s little girl comes in setting as lady of the hour. Mahek is attempting to call and says I dont have organize. Lady comes there and says give me festoon, they are pausing, Mahek says I can hold it. Lady says you have done a great deal of work, let us work as well, she takes festoon from here. Mahek is strained.

Shaurya lands at setting and sees Armaan limping, he hurries to him. Armaan comes to wedding scene and teach his goons. Shaurya comes there and yells to stop it. He requests that they not trade wreaths. Security gatekeepers snatch him, Shaurya says there is bomb in festoon, all are paralyzed. Mahek requests that husband to be and lady discard wreaths. Armaan attempts to go close to bomb however Nehal tosses wine at him. Armaan yells Abba to impact.

Abba is going to press catch on bomb however shaurya hurries to him and grasps him, security attempts to push Shaurya away. Mahek starts beating Armaan. She doesnt let him get up and continues beating him. Abba attempts to press bomb catch yet shaurya attempts to ward off his hand. Mahek hurries to prepare and lady of the hour, she takes festoon and tosses it on Armaan. Abba presses catch on festoon and it impacts. Mahek races to Shaurya who is harmed, Mahek says I will take you to specialist. Shaurya says no we need to discover Abba. They see Abba close to parking garage. Shaurya races to Abba in parking area and starts beating him. Abba assaults him and holds him down.

Karona comes to Kanta and asks how she is? you individuals were abducted and we didnt know. Kanta says it was perilous. Jeevan says Shaurya and Mahek spared everybody from bomb impact.

Abba is beating Shaurya. Mahek comes there and hits him with pot. Shaurya beats him and says you beat my child, you kept me from my family.. he beats him. Police gets abba. Mahek and Shaurya embraces one another.

Kanta and others watch news that Shaurya and Mahek halted assault. Karona says we didnt realize they were battling this much. Dolly says they battled alone.

Overseer is examining with Shaurya, he asks Shaurya to be explicit. Shaurya says sorry that I was hijacked by them. Mahek says they are simply researching. Home priest and his little girl comes there and embraces Mahek. Home clergyman says to investigator that we are appreciative to them, you have fear based oppressor captured so research from him, assessor gestures and leaves.

Family comes there and embraces them. Shaurya says I am sorry Dolly, I needed to yell at you, she says no issues. Shaurya says to Vicky that I perceived how developed you have progressed toward becoming, you did pleasant, much obliged. Mahek says thanks to Nehal for making a difference. Home clergyman says tomorrow will my girl’s wedding, I need to welcome Mahek and Shaurya.

Shaurya and Mahek goes to Jeevan’s home. Balwant is crying and says these individuals removed PD. Mahek requests that he quiet down, PD needed us together, you need to deal with yourself, she gives him drug, he takes it. Mansi embraces Mahek and cries, she says you are so solid and courageous. Mahek says all of you were my quality, God was with me. Mansi grins. Mahek gets some information about Neev.

Mahek and Shaurya goes to Neev’s room, specialist checks Neev and says he is stunned, give him pleasant condition, he needs discourse thrapy as well, specialist leaves. Shaurya says to Neev that you are saint, you will be fine, Mahek cries and says I was stressed. Shaurya and Mahek leaves room, Shaurya says we ought to send Neev to pleasant spot. Mahek says Neev’s grandmother called and needed him there for somedays, perhaps this is correct. Shaurya says yes and furthermore we will get some alone time. Mahek says narrow minded.. take Shaurya to Hrishikesh tomorrow and rebound.

Karona does aarti in her home, she offers parsad to Mahek and Shaurya and everybody. Karona says dont do this sort of work Shaurya. Shaurya says I had your endowments. Mahek says you didnt stress over me? Karona says you are our quality, she asks that no evil results in these present circumstances house. Mahek says we are not leaving anyplace, dont stress, all grin.

During the evening, Mahek is pressing Neev’s garments, Shaurya makes face. Mahek sees Shaurya missing from room and glances around. She calls him however telephone is in room as well. Mahek goes to watch out. She returns room aftersome and sees it adorned with roses and candles, she grins. Shaurya comes there and pulls her closer, he touches her face, tera chera punch nazar yes plays. Mahek embraces him firmly and kisses his neck, the gradually hit the dance floor with one another. Shaurya inclines in to kiss her, Mahek says you began once more? what on the off chance that somebody comes? Shaurya says nobody will come,its just you and me, he inclines and kiss her.

In morning, Mahek tells family that Shaurya left with Neev, he will rebound in night. Dolly says we ought to continue looking for service today.

Later Shaurya returns, they all prepare for capacity. Karona says I have cerebral pain, I cannot come. Mahek says they need to adulate us and you cannot come? we are not going as well. Karona says you both are dramaqueens, she drinks kada to go there.

In capacity, home clergyman says that two ordinary citizens spared entire city yesterday, we will be honored to have individuals like Shaurya and Mahek. He calls them in front of an audience and gives them shawls and authentications. Shaurya says they state lady is behind man’s prosperity, my entire achievement goes to my significant other, Mahek is consistently with me, she does everything to secure me and her family, we have needed to hold up under a great deal yet my family consistently remained with us, he calls his family in front of an audience as well. They all applaud them

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