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Mehek Update Tuesday 26th November 2019 on Zee World (Final season), Karona is sleeping, she wakes up with a jerk and shouts for Shaurya’s name. All come there.

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Harish says everything will be fine, he gives her water but she throws it away. Mahek comes there too, Karona says find Shaurya. Kanta says kids have done mistake but we will find Shaurya. Karona says both did mistake but only my Shaurya is getting punished, what can we do? nothing. Vicky says to family that police is finding Shaurya. Mahek and Digvijay.. Karona shouts shut up about Digvijay and Mahek! stop chanting their name, my son is in big trouble because of their antics, Mahek is hurt hearing it.

Karona says you could have atleast asked us before doing this drama. Mahek cries and says I am sorry Maa.. Karona jerks away and says dont talk to me, I dont want to talk to anyone till my Shaurya is not found, leave me alone, go away, all leave, Karona asks Harish to leave and search Shaurya, Mahek is there. Karona says no one has anything to lose here except us, Harish asks Mahek to take care, he leaves.

Mahek comes to her room. Kanta comes there and says you must be tired of keeping up with your mistakes and guilt. Mahek says sorry, I did big mistake, I knew we were doing wrong but Shaurya didnt listen to me and now we dont know where is he. Kanta says you didnt eat anything, drink milk. Mahek says Shaurya must have not eaten anything, Kanta says you need to have strength to find him, you both did mistake but you have to rectify it, you need strength to make Karona lose her anger and trust you again so eat and drink. Mahek gets emotional and hug her. Mahek drinks milk. Digvijay calls Mahek and says we found the car which kidnapped Shaurya near Sona village. Mahek says I am coming, she asks Kanta to come with her.

Mahek and Kanta arrives at Sona village on scooty. There is van on fire. Digvijay is there with police. Mahek see car on fire, she throws her scooty and tries to go near but inspector asks her to stop, Mahek says I know Digvijay, let me go. Inspector bring Digvijay to Mahek. Mahek asks did you find Shaurya? He says police found this car here, when police tried to check it, bomb blasted in car and car caught on fire, police thinks there was a body inside car which was bomb attached to it.

Mahek is shocked and says no no.. Shaurya is fine, Shaurya is alive. Digvijay says when fire blows off we will know who was in car, dont lose hope. Mahek says my shaurya is fine, Kanta says we know, Mahek says why you are not believing me? Shaurya is alive. Inspector comes to them and says there was no body in car, seems they put bomb in empty car to blow off and avoid leaving trail of kidnapping. Digvijay says only some professional criminal can plan all this. Mahek says who is this new enemy of Shaurya?

Shaurya is tied to a chair in some container, he screams and says open the door if you have guts. Goons are outside and say we can kill him, he is shouting a lot. Other goon says we are getting 4lacs to keep him alive here, dont do anything with him, other goon says he must be someone rich that we are getting 4lacs to keep him here and be his bodyguard. In container, Shaurya tries to break ties, he says come on Shaurya! he pulls against ropes and tries to get free, he falls off on floor still tied to chair.

Outside container, goon says if he tries to attack us then I will put burning coal in his mouth. Other goon says he wont do anything, he has to live here for many days, let this dog be inside. Inside container, Shaurya finally pulls off ropes, he gets up from chair, his head is bleeding by falling on floor, he says Mahek must be waiting for me. Outside container, one goon gets call from his mother, his mother says that we have loan to pay. Shaurya knocks on container from inside, goons are stunned. Shaurya feels dizzy due to head wound and falls unconscious. Goons comes to him and ties to chair again. Goon says we should break his legs.

Goons tie him to chair tightly and start beating him but their boss comes there. Its a woman. Shaurya wakes up and tries to see her face but its dark. Woman grabs goon’s face. She comes out in light, its none other than Svetlana, she says to goon that if you do any mistake then you will cry more than him. Svetlana comes to Shaurya, she grabs his hair, he is stunned and says aunt? Svetlana says he should remain in this condition till I comeback otherwise you all will be dead. She asks to hide Shaurya’s face, she gives them money and says do my work. Shaurya’s face is covered with veil, Svetlana glares at him.

Mahek wakes up, she thinks that it was a bad dream, she recalls finding burning car in which Shaurya was kidnapped. She says Digvijay didnt call till now. She wakes Sonal and Nehal and says lets go with me, Nehal asks where? Mahek says just get ready.

Shaurya is moving and squirming in chair. Svetlana smirks and says Shaurya darling, why are you struggling so much? just accept that you are not going anywhere from here. You know when you threw me out of house, I decided that I wont fight this time but will have all out war! she drinks wine and says this crores of property is not money but an empire, there is always one king of empire or one queen but till you are alive, I cant enjoy my empire, thats why I decided that I will either finish myself or you, you kept me away from you but I kept my eyes on you and kept seeing you getting destroyed, I was just waiting for my chance and your foolish wife gave me that chance, she gave all property to Nikki, she made my work easy, it was difficult to snatch property from you but Nikki and Ajay are fools and I cant easily take empire from them.

When you and Mahek were planning about your fake death, when you met Mahek last time outside Sharma house, I heard everything, I made my plan. When you went to Khanna mansion, I kidnapped you. Flashback shows Shaurya coming out of Khanna house but Svetlana’s goons attack him, they throw his phone near curb, drags him to van, they kidnap him and takes him to container. Svetlana smirks telling him her plan.

Mahek comes to Guradvarah with Nehal and Sonal. She meets priet, priest asks Mahek why she is sad? where is your husband? why didnt he come with you? are you both living happily? Mahek recalls how when she was injured, Shaurya brought her here and prayed for her. Priest says did you have fight with him? husband and wife fights, dont worry. Mahek says he has gone far away from me, I am scared that I might lose him, pray for him, like he brought me back, I can bring him back. Priest says God takes test of true love, just trust him, you will get your husband and he will be fine.

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