Mehek Update Tuesday 8th October 2019 Zee World starts as Shaurya acts strange by saying everything on mic all as the day progressed. 

Kanta suspects that Shaurya ongoing conduct is a consequence of frenzy and brings Mehek home to PD who was being told all these. 

Shaurya leaves Mehek’s home and yells Mehek turn out. Ravi says I wont save him today. Sharma family turns out and asks Shaurya to leave. Ravi calls police. Shaurya says I simply need to converse with Mehek, Mehek says what’s going on with you? I am imploring you to leave,dont do this, Kanta says why you are beseeching him? allow police to come, I will get him captured today. 

Shaurya says I dont care, not even God can prevent me from gathering my Mehek,you all can attempt as well. Shaurya approaches Mehek, Mehek says dont draw close, police is going to capture you. Police comes there, Kanta says he has broken controlling request, he has drawing close to Mehek, capture him. Mehek asks Shaurya to move back please. Police officer estimates separation among Mehek and Shaurya and its more than 50feet in light of the fact that Mehek has stealthily moved away from him to spare him. shaurya sees it and says Mehek you dont need to state anything, your strides have said your message, I havent disclosed to you what I needed however I am going to state it soon, he leaves. 

Nehal takes a gander at him gladly, Shaurya frowns at Kanta and leaves. Nehal sings wada raha sanam hongy na juda hum.Kanta frowns at her. Kanta calls Balwant andasks if Mehek is fine? I will call you in consistently, dont rest. Balwant says dont stress, I wont rest, Kanta finishes call and looks on. 

Shaurya says to Kanta that I wont break controlling request, yet I will complete three things. First I will disclose to Mehek today just what I need to say,what is in my heart, second she will come tomorrow to work at nourishment truck since its her fantasy and third She is going to come to me herself and will held my hand infront of you, I won’t break this controlling point of confinement yet I guarantee you that this attempt of yours to isolate me and Mehek isn’t getting down to business, you wont have the option to isolate us, this is Shaurya’s guarantee. 

Jeevan says to Shaurya that would you say you are great at this point? Mehek’s just dream was to take a shot at this truck and you removed that as well, what sort of adoration you have? he leaves, Shaurya looks on.

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