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Mehek 8 September 2020: Update on Mehek Tuesday 8th September 2020, Kanta says to Shaureya you thought you would bribe these government people and shut our business? SHaureya says who are these people? I don’t know them. Mahek says please lets go chachi. Kanta says no wait. Kanta says talk to Shaureya. Shaureya says ask your husband, there are rules you need to follow before starting a new business. Kanta says if you think you can yourself with this logic then you won’t be. She leaves.

Mehek update Tuesday 8 September 2020: Mahek says to officer please tell us how to save this. He says there is a safety management course starting tomorrow. If you get admission there and get the certificate then you can continue with this food truck. Shauerya is watching them,
Mahek and Jeevan come to the institute. Mahek says you know how badly we need this certificate. They stand in the line to submit the forms. The manager says now I will announce the names of selected candidates. Jeevan walks and cokmes at a place where he can’t recognize where he is. Suddenly some men come and kidnap him in a van. He says who are you? Where are you taking me.

Mahek is waiting for him. Ajay and Rohit come there. Rohit says Ajay your ex gf looks so good. He says you know baby with you ex husband’s money we are here to enroll in this course as well. We will enjoy the course together. Imagine her ex husband is here as well. She is my ex gf and he is her ex husband. Triple ex. They laugh. Shaureya comes and grasps Anjay’s wrist. Shaaureya says you asked universe for me and I came. Now face to face thank me. Rohit says lets go from here. They both leave.
Shaureya smirks at Mahek. He says you are quite because you are bound by heart. He says all you three middle class faces. He leaves.

Jeevan opens his eyes in a room. He says who are you people? A man comes and says come drubk water. Jeevan throws the water on his face. He says how dare you kidnap me? Your brother asked you to? I will kill you both if anything happens to my daughter. He says relax I am here to give you company. What would you like? Jeevan says I will kill you both brothers. He knocks at the door and says open the door. Shaureya calls Vicky and says like family take care of him. I had to something. Her family doesn’t let me talk to her. If she doesn’t want to marry she won’t but these people are forcing her. I had to talk to her so for that I had to keep Jeevan away from her. But please take care of him. He shouldn’t have any trouble. Vicky says don’t worry.
Jeevan says you dog you kidnapped me. Your business will be destroyed you will beg in front of my food truck. Vickey says relax chacha ji.

Mehek Tuesday update 8 September 2020: Mahek says this Shauareya is here like a shadow and that rohit and ajay are here as well. I will knw what this shaureya is plannign today.
Shaureya talks to a man. HE says sure sir we will do anything you say. Officers decided to shut that truck but we stopped because of you. Shaureya says thank you. mahek recalls saying him that you can never change.
Ajay says to Rohit I will make this mahek suffer so much in front of her lover that they both will remember forever.

Mahek sees Shaureya coming towards her. she says oh no he is coming here. He walks past mahek talks to the girls standing behind her. Mahek looks at him angrily. He laughs with the girls. The training has started. Shaureya is there too. He says you are here again? Mahek’s name is partnered with Shaureya’s. He says you did that right? Because you were jealous of my girls. She says no I don’t want to partner with you. I didn’t do this. Shaureya says great then. He says sir I have a problem. He stands with those girls. Mahek comes and stands next to him.

Mehek 8 September 2020 update: Mahek is taking fire safety class. Trainer says we will learn how to doze off fire, i need volunteer for demonstration. Shaurya raises Mahek’s hand to show her as volunteer, trainer says bring safety wears Mahek. Mahek brings it and wears them, she huffs at Shaurya and holds fire extinguisher, Shaurya says this is to doze off fire, not to break someone’s head. Mahek glares at him. Trainer tries to guide Mahek, Mahek opens extinguisher and it showers on everyone as Mahek is unable to control it, Mahek says sorry, Ajay says girls can put fire but cant work to doze it off, they laugh on Mahek. Shaurya gets angry and is about to charge at them but Mahek shakes her head, he stops. Trainer asks Ajay if he is so competent then you use this extinguisher, Ajay tries to open cylinder but is unable too, trainer says atleast Mahek was able to open it, Shaurya says its not his fault, Ajay’s brain is empty, he has nothing there. Mahek smiles at Shaurya for defending her. Trainer gives them safety tips for training, he says we will take training in partnership, girls have to take care of dupatta and their hair. Ajay says we dont have it, trainer says so remain away from this training. Mahek tries to tie her hair and dupata but is having difficulty, Shaurya pulls her closer, he takes off her dupatta, he comes behind her and puts dupatta on her shoulder and ties it on her waist by coming close to her, jag ghoomiya thare jaise na koi. Mahek tries to leave but Shaurya pulls her closer, Mahek says leave me, everyone is looking at us, Shaurya puts hand on her waist and says i just wanted to see if my touch affects you or not, Mahek says it wont affect me, Shaurya pulls her closer and puts hand in her hair, he combs her hair, Shaurya says you can lie but your face is showing everything, Mahek says tie my hair fast or else we will lose. Shaurya comes infront of her, he ties her hair in a bun and tucks her hair behind her ear, Mahek is lost in his closeness, Shaurya leans in towards her and is about to kiss her but Ajay says full on romance is going on. Shaurya gets and starts going to him but Mahek holds his arm and says leave it Shaurya, he intensely looks at her and glares Ajay.

Jeevan is watching telecast of training. Vicky says you are tensed for nothing, Mahek seems totally fine there, i am taking rest now, you can eat food. Vicky lies on bed and dozes off to sleep. Jeevan checks to confirm that he is sleeping then he stealthily takes phones and goes in washroom. He says that jerk slept, he calls Kanta but cant hear her. Vicky says uncle line dropped, come out of washroom, have food, Jeevan sighs.
Shaurya grabs Ajay’s collar and says what you do think of yourself? how dare you pass comments on her? Ajay says you are having honeymoon with and now getting angry on me? Shaurya is about to beat him but Mahek comes there, she pulls him and takes Shaurya away. Rohit asks Ajay why he didnt retaliate? Ajay says dont worry, tonight i will give them taste tonight that Shaurya will change his name to Ajay Parmar.

Mehek update Tuesday 8 September 2020: Mahek asks Shaurya why he remain angry all the time? Shaurya says i am wrong if i am angry but they are right? Mahek says i dont want any drama in my life, Shaurya says you are responsible for this marriage drama, i came to talk about that here otherwise i dont care about this training and all. Mahek says i dont want to talk about my marriage. Shaurya says you didnt answer me, if you wanted to start business then why you are marrying? why you are so in hurry to get marry? how can you forget everything and marry? Mahek says are you worried about me leaving business and getting married or forgetting everything of past and moving forward in life? Shaurya says you are trying to forget me and move on? then tell me why you get jealous to see me with other girls, Mahek says i dont have time for this, Shaurya says i want answer. Mahek says why does it matter to know what you mean for me? you know everything, i left everything and came to your house for you but what you did? stop showing rights if you cant properly follow love, its not easy to love someone, you need guts. You have come here today behind me because my marriage talks are doing rounds? because you are scared to lose me? i was yours but you left from wedding alter, i didnt leave you and you dont even regret that mistake till now. She looks away from him and leaves. Shaurya is dazed hearing all of that throw to his face.

Scene 2
At night, there is bonfire party at training camp. All are enjoying, Mahek and Shaurya sadly looks at each other, Mahek recalls Shaurya asking her questions. She glares at him. Ajay is eyeing Mahek in filthy way. Mahek leaves from there, Shaurya sees her going and gets sad. Ajay and Rohit smirks seeing her go.
Mahek comes to reception and says i want to call someone, give me my phone, receptionist says i will bring it, he leaves. One man comes to Mahek and says Shaurya is outside, go see him. Mahek says what happened to him? Mahek runs and comes out, she looks around for Shaurya and asks where is he? Ajay and Rohit comes there, Mahek is shocked to see them, they are drunk, Mahek asks what you both are doing here? where is Shaurya? they come closer to Mahek, Ajay says we are no less than Shaurya, i just dont have beard, you didnt look hot to me but now you look for that Shaurya? your hero enjoys with girls. Rohit grabs Mahek, Ajay says nobody is going to save you today, Mahek tries to get out of Rohit’s grasp but Ajay holds her arm too, they misbehave with her. Shaurya comes from behind and grabs Ajay’s neck, Mahek sighs in relief. Shaurya says i told you to control your tongue, i can push it out. Mahek asks Shaurya to leave him, Shaurya strangles Ajay, Ajay is grasping for air.

Mehek update Tuesday 8th September 2020: Rohit sees Ajay not able to breath and breaks wine bottle on Shaurya’s head. Mahek shouts Shaurya.. Shaurya looses grip on ajay’s neck, blood starts trickling from his head, he is about to fall down, Mahek holds him and makes him sit down, she cries for him. Ajay grabs Mahek’s hand and pulls her away from Shaurya, he says lets leave now. He is pulling Mahek away, Mahek is screaming for Shaurya, Shaurya tries to get up to help her but doesnt have energy, he tries to crawl but faints on floor while Ajay and Rohit takes Mahek away.

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