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Mehek 12 August 2020: Mehek update Wednesday 12th August 2020, Shaurya jerks his hand away from Mahek, Mahek cries. Shaurya says you people are weird, one give pain and other try to heal it, wow. Mahek says please.. Shaurya looks at stove and says Jeevan broke gas too, Shaurya tries to run stove, Shaurya says i cant cook omelet now, Mahek says please listen to me, why you are not talking to me? listen to me. Shaurya is cutting veggies and says i am listening, say. He asks her to pass veggies, she weeps and gives veggies to him, Shaurya stares at her, Mahek tries to talk but Shaurya asks to pass cucumber, Mahek says why you are doing this? talk to me, what are you going to do? She gives him cucumber, Shaurya says why asking me? you must have thought how much bigger jerk Shaurya Khanna is, you left your house for me and when your uncle broke few things of my restaurant, you think i would destroy him.

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You thought like that right? you must have told that your family too, keep thinking but i wont answer you. Mahek looks at him. Shaurya prepares sandwiches, he holds Mahek’s hand and says lets have breakfast. Mahek is scared, Shaurya pulls Mahek, Mahek says leave my hand, your hand is injured, Shaurya throws Mahek on couch, he puts sandwich infront of her and sits infront of her, Mahek is nervous, Shaurya starts eating his sandwich silently, he looks at Mahek and says eat it, your family will need you so eat, Mahek is stunned to hear it.

Its night, Mahek is in her room and is tensed, she recalls how Shaurya behaved today, how he said that her family will need her. Kanta and Jeevan comes there, Kanta asks Mahek if Shaurya said something? Mahek says he didnt say anything but he will do something for sure, i saw silent anger in his eyes and i am more scared, you people might not believe me but Shaurya is not bad from heart, he helped Sonal and he fought with Ajay too but his anger, his stubbornness, his craziness, i am scared of that. Jeevan says i will go to his home tomorrow and will beg to him, i will apologize to him, i did everything in anger and impulse. Mahek says its not that easy, Shaurya is like little kid and if his home is broken then he doesnt remain silent.
Shaurya comes to his room. He takes off his coat and sees Mahek’s dupatta bandage on his hand, he recalls how Mahek tended to his wound. Otherside Mahek is silently weeping her room. Yeh dooriyan plays. Shaurya comes to balcony and sees Mahek’s energy savor lighting there, he recalls how Mahek put it there, he sadly looks at her things, he looks at her small bed. Shaurya sits in balcony and miss Mahek, he looks at energy savor and gets angry, he snatches it and throws it on floor breaking it.

Its morning, Ravi asks Jeevan and Kanta where they are going? Mahek says we need some oil for PD, they are going for that, Kanta says i need to go to market so we will come. Sonal comes there and calls Kanta as mummy, Sonal says i have made kheer for everyone, Mohit comes there too. Kanta says you all eat, we are getting late, Mahek stops Kanta, she takes kheer bowl from Sonal and says you wont get late by eating two spoons, she makes Kanta eat kheer, Sonal and Mohit smiles. Mahek says to Jeevan that you are going to rectify things so you should eat something sweet, she makes Jeevan eat too. They hear some noise. Sharma family comes out of house and sees police taking off everything. Bulldozer is breaking all houses. Sheetal says stop them. Buldozer breaks Jeevan and Ravi’s shops too, Jeevan says stop it, police dont let them stop bulldozer, whole society is trying to stop bulldozer but police keep pushing them away. Mahek cries, Ravi pushes police away. He comes to manager and asks what is happening here? One man comes there and says construction company says this society is illegal and it should be broken, Jeevan says stop it, contractor says that you people were doing illegal business, this property is illegal so we will throw them away. Mahek asks him to stop it, contractor says you can stop it in two minutes, we are just taking orders from him, Mahek turns to see who is ordering all that and sees Shaurya standing there, she is stunned to see Shaurya is behind society’s destruction. Shaurya asks contractor why he stopped working? we have to end illegal property from old Delhi, start bulldozer, bulldozer start breaking houses again. Mahek runs to him, Mahek cries and asks Shaurya to stop all that, this is our income and everything for this neighborhood, she folds her hands and beg to stop it, Shaurya says you people should have thought before kicking my business, i have told you earlier that there is nothing bigger than my dream for me, you people tried to destroy my restaurant which is my dream so you have to pay for that.

Mahek sees bulldozer breaking houses. Shaurya asks contractor to speed up the work, destruct all houses. Ravi comes in bulldozer, he tries to stop driver but police catches him and beats him. Mahek is crying seeing all that, Shaurya smirks seeing all destruction, Mahek folds her hand and says there are people’s whole life struggles that they are breaking, please stop this, i will do anything you say for whole life, i will listen to you whole life but please stop it, i apologize to you, i am sorry, she cries and begs to him, dont punish this society. Mahek says for sake of me, for our half, broken burdened filled relation, their hard work will be destroyed. Shaurya says i payback mistakes with interest, he turns away from her, Mahek says please, Shaurya leaves without listening to her.

Shaurya is driving car. Mahek is sad and cries. In her society, bulldozer is breaking Sharma family’s shops. Shaurya is driving fast and recalls how Mahek begged him, gave him sake of their half relation but he didnt listen to her. Shaurya is about to call contractor but stops himself, he keep replaying Mahek’s pleading. He stops car and calls contractor, he asks him to stop destruction, we have broken enough, contractor says you are little late, we have broken Sharma family’s shops and some other shops too, Shaurya says stops bulldozer. Contractor orders driver to stop bulldozer. All family members of Sharma family are crying. Mahek is sitting on road and crying. Otherside Shaurya recalls Mahek folding her hand and pleading to him, he closes his eyes and feels guilty, he sadly drives away.
Sheetal says to Sharma family that you must be at peace now, i dont know your animosity with Shaurya but why we had to pay for it? one neighbor says that we are on roads because of you people. Dhaaba owner says whats done is done, we should complain. Sheetal says Shaurya broke 5shops today and he can break more if these Sharma family fight with Shaurya so we cant let them do business here, Ravi says what are you saying? Sheetal says to neighbors that we had to bear Shaurya’s wrath and all this destruction due to Sharma family’s personal animosity with Shaurya so we all decide to ban Sharma family from doing business in this area, Mahek’s family is shocked to hear all that. Sheetal says their shops will be permanently banned, all society members agree. Sonal says to Sheetal that they are my family now, why you are doing this with them? Sheetal asks everyone to gather their stuff and leave, she leaves. Mahek wipes her tears and looks on.

Scene 2
Shaurya is sitting in room and says to Karona that i dont listen to anyone when it comes to my business. Karona says you are drowning deep in power maze and think you are succeeding? you broke whole society for your ego? i will see how you will succeed now. Shaurya says Jeevan should have thought before breaking in my restaurant, now he will see what is it to mess with Shaurya Khanna, he wont think about going against me now. Mahek comes there, Shaurya says see your daughter in law is here to make me come to right path, she must have brought good upbringing from her family to give lecture to me. Karona folds hand infront of Mahek and asks her to forgive her, Mahek says till when you will keep apologizing to me? dont make me embarrassed.

Karona leaves. Mahek comes in balcony and brings her luggage, she takes off photo frames she had put earlier in bag. Shaurya comes there and looks at her packing. Mahek sees there is bulb hanging, Shaurya says i broke bulb. Mahek packs her utensils. Shaurya asks can i ask what are you doing? Mahek ignores him, Shaurya grabs her hand and says i am talking, Mahek jerks her hand away, Shaurya says are you deaf? what drama is this? Mahek says its no drama, i am just leaving, Shaurya is stunned, he takes bag from her and throws it away. Mahek takes bag again, Shaurya asks where are you going? will you call women NGO again or will you complain to police against me? what will you do now? what new trick you and your family are going to play to pain me? Mahek says tricking, cheating and playing with emotions are not my forte, its your nature not mine or my family’s. She takes her bag and turns to leave but Shaurya stops her, Mahek says let me go, i am leaving you, your life, your home and everything related to you forever, you wanted this right? i am giving it, i lost. Shaurya is unable to look in her eyes. Mahek turns away and starts leaving but Shaurya grabs her arms from behind, bag falls from Mahek’s hand, Shaurya turns Mahek to him and pull her closer by holding her waist, Shaurya says you want me to believe you? you used to give me lectures? wanted to make me follow right path? wanted me to become good man and now you are leaving all this? i dont believe you.

Mahek says i want you to believe me because i have lost, i tried a lot to rectify you but i was wrong. Shaurya says you want me to feel guilt, apologize to you and beg you to not leave, you want that? Mahek says you think that can happen? i dont think it can happen. words like sorry, apologizing and guilt are very small infront of egoistic and successful person like Shaurya Khanna. Shaurya says if you hate me so much then why did you come in my house? Mahek says i had hopes from my love, i thought that i should have hope from love which is inside you but i was wrong, i had to pay big price, today my family is on road because of me, if i stay in your house and your life even for a minute then i will stoop in own eyes forever, Shaurya is hurt and guilty hearing it. Mahek holds her luggage bag and turns to leave. Shaurya says this is my house not some hotel that you can come here any minute as my wife and leave as per your will. Mahek tries to leave but Shaurya closes door of room and leans against it. Mahek tries to open door but Shaurya holds her hand. Mahek looks at him confused. Shaurya stares at Mahek and cups Mahek’s face in his hands, Shaurya says how can you lose so soon? Mahek says you made me lose Shaurya, i dont have strength now, you were right, this half marriage was wrong. Mahek says to Shaurya that our half relation was wrong, hopes from you was wrong, everything is finished, Shaurya says if you leave today then you will never comeback, ever, Mahek looks at him in tears.

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