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In Mehek Update Wednesday 13th November 2019 on Zee World, Rashmi says shauyra i’m trying to find a lady for you, Shaurya says I dont’ wanna hook up with, Rashmi says see these photos.

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He says I dont’ wanna see them. Rashmi says you wish mahek? you like her right? He says there’s no such factor. Rashmi says she conjointly loves you. who is aware of what happened together with your pa. Shaurya says she wont agree. He tells her everything. Party starts. Rasmi says i believed I ought to take shaurya to temple.
Yuvraj says guests are coming back. Shaurya says we are going to return before party starts. I secure ma i’ll go. Yuvraj says return quick.
Swati says to sajita you think that this is often right ma? Sajita says affirmative distract mahek. i’ll visit shauyra’s house and check with him. Mahek and Swati commence to eat chaat.
Mahek says i’m intake this once see you later. Coach sir dont’ let me eat something tasty. Swati says that’s why I brought you here.. mahek says bear in mind once we came here first? She recollects however shaurya hit sajita. Swati says lets go and eat paratha.
Shaurya knocks on Mahek’s door with rashmi. nobody opens. Shaura calls Swati. Mahek takes it. she asys what does one want? He says i’m outside your house. Mahek says what re you doin outside my house? Swati says mummy visited shaurya’s house. Mahek says what did you say?
Yuvraj welcomes Suvetlana. Yuvraj says wherever has that Shaurya gone. Yuvraj sees Sajita. He says why are you here? She says i would like to speak to Shaurya. Yuvraj says don’t waste time. My son wont meet you. sajita says for teenagers we’ve got to forget all this. Yuvraj if you’re talking regarding boxing ignore it. She says I talking regarding one thing additional vital. Last night Shaurya came to our house and same that he loves Mahek and needs to marry her.
Yuvraj is aghast. Suvetlana conjointly hears. Yuvraj laughs. He says wow you coloured this party. Come in. She says what are you doing leave my hand. He pulls her within the party. Yuvraj says there was associate announcement for you all. we’ve got our son’s mother in law to be here. My son Shaurya. Her name is Sajita. Lets hugs and celebrate. Sajita shoves him. Yuvraj says no no this isn’t the thanks to begin the connection. play a song I and Samdhan terrorist group can dance along.
Sajita says let me go. He pulls her hand and dances. Yuvraj soars her dupatta. Sajita is crying. Mahek comes in. Shaurya comes in too. Yuvraj is saying here is my samdhan. Mahek pulls Sajita aside. She comes before of Yuvraj. Yuvraj says you wish to entice my son? you’re the slipper of my feet. Shaurya says enough pa. What are you doing. Yuvraj says i’m drunk however this woman desires to entice you and that i wont let that happen. repelling girls. For cash they’ll do something. Mahek slaps him on face and he falls down.
Mahek hits Yuvaj and says however dare you bit my mummy. He falls on the bar. Mahek keeps punching him. sajita says please stop Mahek. Mahek says nowadays i’ll tell you who am I. She hits him with bottle. Mahek keeps intake him. he’s badly bruised. everybody stops her. Mahek picks a broken glass to stab him. Rashmi says i urge you mahek please. Mahek says going you only as a result of she requested. Otherwise i might crushed you additional.
Mahek leaves. She says to Sajita why did you come back here? That Shaurya same one thing once he was drunk and same that and you came here? Did you raise my choice?And swati you.. You couldn’t conjointly see? he’s like his father. Shaurya says mahek listen.. She says don’t dare spoken language a wordd. visit your pa. He says pa did terribly wrong. i apologize to you kinswoman. Mahek says ma lets go. Shaurya says you’ve got to speak to me.
Shaurya says i really like you. Mahek says don’t do that drama before of me. You can’t fool me together with your acting. You can’t entice me like town women. i do know however wrongdoer you’re. I don’t even wanna see your face. If you like me do.. and die. I dont’ need you in my life. Mahek says I dont’ check with repelling individuals such as you. Mahek says I don’t check with repelling individuals such as you. She leaves. Shaurya comes in. Dadi says didn’t your blood boil after I saw my pa doing these repelling things. My blood poached after I saw him insulting that lady.
Shaurya asys my blood poached after I saw him misbehaving. DAdi says mind your language. Yuvraj says its okay ma. Sit here with me. Shaurya says i’m sick of to be even close to you. I can’t even breathe front of you. Dadi says you’re speaking her language. she did this magic on you.
Shaurya says you think that girls are noting. He breaks his icon with Yuvraj. Shaurya says you don’t even need to be a woman’s slipper. and dadi you.. you’re a girl and you support him. Its your mistake. Dadi says don’t be therefore mad at your father. Shaurya says as a result of you’re repelling. Yuvraj slaps him.. Sharya holds his hand and says stand back from me. i’ll ne’er forgive you for what you probably did. He leaves. Suvetlana is in automotive. she says Mahraj I even have found the approach.
Sharma is angry.
He says to swati you ought to have told your mummy to not go there. Shaurya knocks on the door. He says Mahek please open the door. Sharma says ignore him. Sajita says please hear him once. Mahek says he wont are available in. She locks the door. shaurya says mahek please open the door. i’ll keep here. Mahek says I don’t care regarding you. Go from here if you’ve got any shame. Don’t be a bother for US. Shauyra walks outside and recollects what Mahek same. Mahek is crying too.
Dadi offers Yuvraj milk. she says do one thing. Your son should be in chandni chowk.
Next morning, Sharma says mahek make preparations. we are going to visit school. Door knocks. Police involves their house with Yuvraj. Dadi says arrest him. Inspector says go together with US to police office. Yuvraj says she attacked me in my house. Suvetlana comes and says stop. Yuvraj says you here.. She says Mahek and her family didn’t do something.

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