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Mehek Update Wednesday 16 october 2019 Zee World, Shaurya is tensed and mahek ask not to worry about anjali and they will take care of her Anjali calls Suraj and tells him that tomorrow mehek will be shocked.

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Mahek ask you came for fresh air in this Shed..Anjali pretend that her head is spinning and they take her out…later everyone leaves and Suraj says bye to Anjali hiding behind trees and mahek eyes fell on him but he hides ..mehek thinks if he was Suraj..and wonder what he was doing here ..
Doctor checks Anjali.

Anjali gets ready. Karuna says you look so pretty. Karuna says I am taking Anjali out today. Mehek says we are going to white chilies for work. Can you drop me there? Karuna says okay. Mehek says ma please come in. There is some work. Karuna is angry. She says we have to go. Mehek goes in. shaurya comes too.

Shaurya and mahek comes outside to search for  Anjali, mahek calls her number and hear that the ringtone is coming from a nearby shed …they come their to check and find Anjali lying on the ground.. Suraj hides in the dark place .. Shaurya hears some noise and goes their to check but Anjali distract them and she tells she came out for some fresh air.

Karuna says is it black out? Everyone turns on lights and says surpirse. They all say happy birthday to Anjali. Karuna says in heart I got Mehek so wrong. Karuna says I am sorry Mehek. Mehek says don’t say that. Everyone celebrates. Anjali says thank you bhabhi. Mehek hugs her. Kanta says congratulations. She hugs Karuna.

Everyone gathers to cut the cake. Anjali cuts the cake. Shaurya gives her a necklace. She says its very pretty. Karuna says your bhaiya bhabhi are the best. Everyone dances on gulaboo. Anjali also dances.

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