In Mehek update Wednesday 23rd October 2019 on zee world, Mehek says Kanta was lying but they are doing this for our family.

PREVIOUSLY: Mehek Update Tuesday 22nd October 2019 on Zee World

Anjali and Suvetlana are cleaning the jail. THe constable gives her a bottle. Anjali fights with another pirsoner. She hits anjali and suvetlana. A fight starts among all. Anjali and Suvetlana get bruises.

Shaurya wakes up and says why don’t you take care of yourself. Shaurya gets a call from hospital. He is dazed. Shaurya tells mehek Suvetlana and ANjali were in same jail. They both ran.

Doctor dresses Anjali and Suvetlana’s wound. Suvetlana gives anjali an injection. at night, constable comes in. Anjali gives them fainting pills. They both faint. Anjali and Suvetlana run from there.

Shauyra says to mehek please stay tension free. Let us not interfere in their faith. shaurya says these pandits fool us. She says let them buy peace of mind. He says okay.

Shaurya says to inspector how did she run? How could you not keep your security tight. she says they gave fainting injections to our staff. Here is how they ran. We have our people everywhere.

mehek’s family comes back home. Kanta says get ready we have to go to function and surprise them. mehek calls Kanta. She says chachi my baby.. she screams and cries. Kanta says we have to go there. She rushes to mehek’s house. Kanta says mehek.. Kanta comes. She says what happened? Kanta says mehek isn’t well.

Kanta says thank you for planning with us. mehek says you planned all this and didn’t tell me. He says that’s my style. Everyone plays with Vicky’s kids. Nehal says they cry so much. mehek says see how I make them happy. mehek sings them lullaby and they sleep.

In jail a prisoner gives Anajli cigarette. She says eat food. I want you to recover.
The pooja starts. Nehal picks the chunri. She trips and it falls in fire. Pandit ji says this is not right. Something bad is coming.
The girl says you have to run from here and take your revenge. Pandit says the lifespan of these kids is not long. SHaurya says are you crazy. Pandit ji says with these kids a dark force has entered in this house.

Anjali says who are you? She says enemy of enemy is friend. And we are blood too. SHaurya says get out of here. You fool people like this. mehek says stop it. Karuna says he will well known. Why did he warn us like this.
Kanta asks pandit ji what happened? He says I saw a bad future. There is a pooja. We have to go for it to Banaras. mehek recalls what pandit ji said.

Anjali says who are you? You know those people? The woman laughs. She says I am your aunt. They treated me unfair like they did to you but now time is up. She tells them everything. Its Suvetlana. She says they ruined my life and my son hated me too. She says their game is over. She tells her everything.
She tells Anajli her plan. She says this evening we will run away from here. You wanna take revenge right? She says yes.

Shaurya says stop all this then.. mehek says I felt something. Karuna says the baby must be walking. shaurya says you all eat tension. Karuna says we will do the baby shower. They all prepare for it.
Suvetlana says to her constable I know my family is mad at me. Thank you. She goes back in the jail.

Kanta says to Karuna i have to go to Banaras for pooja. Dolly says yes you should go there. Shaurya says what are you all talking about? Karuna says she was going for banaras for pooja. mehek says will you come back? She says yes.

Shaurya says what happened? Kanta says where is mehek? She called. She screamed her baby isn’t well. mehek comes out and smirks. She says it was a joke. You thought only you could surprise. Kanta says its not funny. Shaurya says we really worried you.

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