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Mehek Update Wednesday 2nd October 2019 Zee World, everybody celebrates after Mehek and Shaurya are being respected by the Government.

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They all start to move after Dolly, Karuna and Jeevan intrudes on Shaurya and Mehek as they attempt to kiss one another. Shaurya moves a sentimental tune with Mehek. The telephone rings as Awara picks the telephone. Be that as it may, the young lady doesn’t talk. Shaurua comes to kitchen and takes a gander at Mehek. Shauyra embraces her structure behind. She says let me plan supper. He says I need to associate with all of you the time. He embraces her from behind and says I will support you. Dolly comes in and hacks. Karuna comes and the two of them bother them. Dolly says to Mehek and Shaurya give us a child now. Shaurya embraces her and says I am your child no. Everybody chuckles.

Mehek says I trust everybody remains upbeat like this and neev recovers soon.

During the evening, Shaurya and Mehek see their old photographs. SHe says we will consistently miss PD. He says she would be glad to see us cheerful. Mehek says would she say she is a star now? Shaurya embraces her and says yes. She is continually looking down at us sparkling in the sky. Somebody calls Mehek bit doesn’t talk. Mehek ponders what it’s identity is. The calls comes back once more. Shaurya says who is it. Try not to call again or I will call police. Everybody appreciates lunch. Dolly picks the telephone. The young lady doesn’t talk. Mehek says leave it must be a trick call. Shaurya says Mehek accompany me. The two of them pack stuff. Mehek says you are going again for your business. Shaurya says its regarding work I need to go. Dolly says Mehek you go with him. Mehek says I am white chilies accomplice. Mehek packs her stuff too and says I will go with you.

Mehek and Shaurya land at lodging. The young lady tails them. Mehek feels bizarre. Shaurya asks her what occurred. She says I felt like somebody is watching out for us. He says you are so hot individuals see you. She says better believe it perhaps. Shaurya embraces her. The young lady attempts to look in the window. Shaurya says there is no reason to worry. We are in every case together.

Kanta says house look so unfilled. We should take baba out for time. Jevan says you are correct. She says gives up to Matla. Mansi says I will deal with the house.

Shaurya says we have a gathering. She says you must be with me constantly.

Mehek and shaurya go to the gathering. Mehek feels like somebody is watching out for them. She goes there however nobody is there. Mehek says I am being distrustful. Around evening time Mehek and shaurya go out on the town. Shaurya says you look so beautiful. Do regardless you feel suspicious? She says what do you mean. He says I am consistently with you don’t stress. He says lets move. Shaurya and Mehek move on dil diya gallan.

Shaurya and Mehek are en route. He says you look so beautiful when you grin and modest. The young lady it running. She comes before Shaurya’s vehicle. Shaurya stops however she is harmed. Mehek shouts. She says race to the emergency clinic.

Mehek and shaurya get her checked. Mehek says please start the treatment. shaurya says how might I do this. Police comes. Shaurya and Mehek let them know everything.

The specialist says she is sheltered at this point. We have held her under perception. Mehek anad shaury come to young lady. police says what is your name? She says anjali. She says ther were hooligans after me and I came before their vehicle. Its not their error. Shaurya expresses profound gratitude. we will get them in a correctional facility. Mehek says I am Mehek. Mshaurya goes with police. Anjali says that was Shaurya. Mehek is bewildered. Mehek says your memento. It falls. Mehek sees something in it and is disoriented.

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