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In Mehek Update Wednesday 30th October 2019 on Zee World, Shaurya says take this propoerty but let the family go, Mehek says you can only get the papers if you leave our family first.

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Karuna says please don’t do all this. Mehek and Shaurya reach near the place. Kanta says they are here. She says tic toc.. she turns the bomb on. Mehek and shaurya come near the house. Her men take Kanta out. Mehek says ma.. There is a bomb attached to her. Suvetlana says saw it? Give me papers. Mehek gives her papers.

Jeevan takes off his ropes and shouts Shaurya please save us. EVeryone is crying. The bomb’s timing is running out. A house blasts. Suvetlana says to her people when the fire is blow out let me know I will pay. Shaurya and Mehek faint. They see the burning house and screams.

Mehek says everyone was in that house. Shaurya tries to get her up. He says please talk to me. She faints. Mehek opens her eyes. Mehek screams and says everyone was there. We have to help them. Our family.. He says no one was there. Shaurya hugs her. Mehek screams. Sthere.

Mehek screams.. My family. She says it can’t happen. They sees thugs coming. shaurya and Mehek run. The thugs run after them and shoot. Mehek and Shaurya go in jungle. They hide in a small ditch. The thugs go from there. Mehek says who are we running from? Everything is over. He says we have save ourselves for our baby. They sit in a truck and run in it. Mehek cries.
Suvetlana calls her men.

Mehek recalls her moments with her family. She cries. She says how can we lose all this. Why this happened with us. Why is God doing this to us? What sin did we do? Shaurya hugs her. Mehek says no one alive. We should die too. We couldn’t save anyone. He says I dont’ know. We have to fight for our family. Suvetlana shoots her thugs. She says I should have killed you too. See inside if any9one is alive. All people are dead.

Kanta moves her hand. She gets up and tries to get Jeevan up. She says please get up. She screams. She tries to wake up Vicky Karuna and Nehal. No one opens eyes. She screams and cries. She says where are Mehek and Shaurya? I have to find them out. Please give me power God. She sneaks out. Kanta comes towards Suvetlana’s van.. She sits at the back of it and hides. Mehek and Shauyr stop at a place.

Shaurya can’t stand. He throws sand in their eyes. Mehek and Shaurya run. They hide at a place. Shaurya says go from here. She says we have to be together. The thugs are looking for them. They come to shaurya and Mehek. he says your game is over. Mehek hits him on head and they run. Suvtelana shoots Shaurya in the chest.

Kanta says where is Shaurya and Mehek? They haven’t even eaten anything. She says they aren’t home. Dolly says they never tell before going. Shaurya and Mehek reach the location. They hear kids crying. Shaurya says let me go inside. He coems in and sees a phone.

The kids noise is coming from it. He says Mehek.. She was fooling us. Kanta calls Mehek and says please save us. Mehek says is everything okay? kanta tells her the location. Suvetlana says if you are done being James bond come on to this address. Your whole family is there. Mehek and Shaurya rush there.

Dolly says you are disgusting. Suvetlana slaps her. She says keep an eye on them and let me know. Kanta says how can you do all this to your son and grandkids. Suvetlana says there is a bomb in this house. Kanta says kill me and let them go. she says my son didn’t care when I was going to jail but before dying you will see your kids dyiing.

Mehek screams. She shoots him again. Shaurya falls down. Suvetlana shoots Mehek in stomach and chest. SHe falls down too. They are both dying.

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