Mehek update wednesday 17 June 2020 on zee world


Mehek wednesday 17th June 2020 update; Mehek update wednesday 17 June 2020, Vikram says to his wife and elder daughter go and make food for all the guests. After Mahek I will get this one married and get a lot more money. Mahek’s mother says to Swati we women are born to be slaves of these men. But listen this.. Sarita comes to tie know of the groom with Mahej. She has red spices in hand. she throws them in Virkam’s eyes and they run. Shaurya sees Mahek running. He runs after them. Rashmi says stop Shaurya.

Mehek update wednesday 17 June 2020 Vikram and his men are coming after Mahek Sarti and Swati. Shaurya looks for them. Vikram sees Shaurya and says what are you doing here? He says I came here to say sorry to Mahek. Why is she running? Vikram says Sarti I will burn you alive. Strong winds blow. Shaurrya sees himself dying at the same place. Vikram stops Sarti.. Mahek shoves him. Rashmi says shaurya stop. Virkam is about to attack Mahek. Shaurya hits Vikram on head and he falls down. Rashmi says Shaurya what did you do? Lets go from here. They run and sit in the car. Mahek Sarti and Swati sit in the bus.

Mehek wednesday 17 June 2020 update Vikram’s friends hit him. They say you took money from us and asked them to run. You fooled us. Vikram asks police to look for them. Mahek her mother and sister run from the bus and hide. Coach sees Mahek he says what happened. MAhek begs him to help them. he takes them with him. The groom takes Vikram’s house’s key. They hit him. He says sarti if I find you and your daughters I will kill you all.

zee world update Mehek 17 June 2020 Shaurya gets ready for the party. He recalls what happened. He sees flashbacks. He says how would Mahek be. I wish I could do something. Sarti says to coach I can’t go back to that house. I wont let him ruin my daughter’s life. Coach says your daughters are suffering because you stayed silent the first day. They should not live a life like you. I saw how capable Mahek should be. I can train her as a boxer and make her the best boxer of the nation. She won the championship. He says I will ask for your job in a factory. Mahek and swati get ready for training. Mahek says thank you coach ji. She hugs him. He says the whole nation will know you.

Mehek wednesday update 17 June 2020 Yuvraj says to Shaurya you made me so proud today. You gift is waiting for you in garage. The whole world will recognize you one day. They all make him eat sweets. Mahek says if ma didn’t gathered courage today I would have been married to that old man. Coach ji is so nice. He helped us so much. And that Shaurya.. He almost got me caught this time too. I will punch him hard once I find him.

Jiji Maa update Tuesday 9 June 2020 on Adom TV

Mehek update wednesday 17th June 2020 A colllege ground is shown and Mahek’s mother is praying and swathi.comes and scares her…she tells that head master has called them… they go to his cabin and he informs that he has one good news and one bas news. ..she ask to tell good news first. .he informs that Swati has passed with distinction marks and he can arrange a job in law farm in some big city. Mahek’s mom says it’s not needed she will not send her to any other city…and ask for bad news…he inform that mahek got 32.5 percentage if she could have got 1 mark less than she could have failed…she gets worried about her future and says she must be busy fighting somewhere…mahek is shown fighting with a boy in a ring …he hits her and make fun of her and she gets up and hit him back…and the boy fellls unconscious..

Mehek 17 June 2020 mahek rubs the blooper spread on her face. . mahek mom’s comes their and she runs away from their…she makes her run in the whole area…they reach home ..Mahek’s mom tries to beat her she hits and her coach comes their and she tells about her percentage and ask how will she get a admission in college…he informs that Mahek got admission in a big university because of her boxing and she can stay their along with family…and says she will be competing for a country…mahek thanks him..and says she is alive of the because of her mom and got coaching because of him…he tells she has to win best sports person of the college..and than compete for than compete for another competition…mahek says she will win for sure and no one can beat her…

Mehek zee world 17th June 2020 Shaurya is shown …he goes to collect his trophy and chairman congratulate him saying he won again…his principal tells he won this for 2 years and now he has to win in final year also …Girls gather him and clicks pic him and gives him flowers…his dad calls and congratulate him and says he has a surprise for him..he ask what’ is it ..or bike ..he tells it’s more than that and ask him to come… Shaurya friends take him for party…

Wednesday update on Mehek 17 June 2020 Mahek’s family gets ready to leave the village… neighbors all gather and ask them to take care …Mahek’s mom says their is a box Inside and ask Swathi to bring it Safely..

Mehek wednesday 17th June 2020 Mahek’s mom ask mahek to make a promise that she won’t fight with anyone their as it’s not villlage ..mahek says she won’t make any promise as such she won’t fight with anyone but she won’t leave anyone if they start fighting with her…Mahek’s mom go inside and prays to Mata Rani and ask her to keep their blessings on her ..

zee world Mehek 17 June 2020 update Shaurya drives jeep on road … his friends tells they will celebrate whole day and whole night…mahek gets down in the city along with family…Mahek’s mom and Swathi goes to bring water …mahek waits their and because of Shaurya’s jeep mud water splash on Mahek’s face …she shouts at him asking to stop his jewp… Shaurya puts a break and looks at mahek. .Zindagi aur song plays. ..


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