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The Questing Beast is free as a bird close to Camelot, and Arthur, overlooking an admonition from Morgana who has envisioned that it will kill him, is nibbled by the animal before Merlin kills it. Arthur sinks into a state of insensibility and the Great Dragon tells Merlin he can save him by making a trip to the Isle of the Blessed. On appearance there, Merlin meets the witch Nimueh, who gives him the remedy, water from the Cup of Life, however, cautions him that, to save Arthur’s life, another should be forfeited. Arthur hydrates and recuperates yet Merlin finds the witch was not lying – his mom is thus imperiled. This will prompt the best at any point trial of the two his feelings and his enchanted powers as he returns for the last standoff with Nimueh.

Merlin Season 1 Episode 13

Le Morte d’Arthur


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