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Getting polluted lilies gathered by clueless Gwen, regal ward Morgana becomes sick with a unidentified cerebrum illness Gaius can’t fix. Puzzling healer Edwin’s “solution for fix all ills” apparently works (by really eliminating the reviled dark scarab he concealed in the lilies). As Edwin moves thankful King Uther to instate him as new court doctor, Gaius gets court annalist Geoffrey to permit him unlawful admittance to the fixed records of Uther’s cleanse of sorcery, uncovering Edwin’s folks as executed dark alchemists. Subsequent to counseling the winged serpent (who says he should pick whether Arthur and Merlin’s foreordained opportunity has arrived), Gaius, taking a danger by Edwin to uncover Merlin’s enchantment, tells Merlin – the “child he won’t ever have” – that the opportunity has arrived to step down. Edwin, presently allowed to utilize another bug, sentences Uther to a horrifying demise like his folks yet faces one fantastic challenge – a duel of wizardry with ‘simple beginner’ Merlin.

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