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A dark knight crashes Arthur’s transitioning service, drawing the glove to any knight who will battle him, killing all who do, each day in turn. Gaius finds he is Uther’s dead brother by marriage, presently a phantom brought from the grave by the witch Nimueh, looking for retribution for the passing of his sister who kicked the bucket bringing forth Arthur. His aim: to battle and kill Uther in the long run. Merlin discovers that main an exceptional blade shined with a mythical serpent’s red hot breath can kill the knight. Keeping that in mind, he asks Gwen for the best sword her dad at any point fashioned (the blade later known as Excalibur) and requests that the detained mythical beast shine it. The Dragon, notwithstanding, lets Merlin know that, when made, just Arthur ought to employ it, as underhanded will happen to it in any case. Merlin gives his statement. Tragically, Uther has Arthur sedated and secured in his room, planning to confront the apparition himself. With Excalibur in his grasp, triumph could come however would leave Uther in charge of a strong mystical weapon

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