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A fortune chamber is uncovered underneath Camelot, the highlight being a gleaming blue stone in the stone casket top of Cornelius Sigan. Many years sooner, Sigan was executed for witchcraft and kicked the bucket promising vengeance. Covetous Cedric, hearing just of the fortune, comes to Camelot. Discovering that Arthur has the one key to the vault, he worms his direction into the faint youthful ruler’s certainty and takes it, stealing from the chamber and prying away the stone (which is really Sigan’s mischievous soul). Subsequently moved by Sigan’s soul, Cedric takes on his enchanted powers and energizes the palace beasts, which threaten the city. As a trade-off for a guarantee to one day set him free, Merlin obtains additional powers from the Great Dragon and fights with Cedric, saving Camelot indeed. Considering what has occurred, Uther is more persuaded than before that wizardry is just insidious.

Merlin Season 2 Episode 1

The Curse of Cornelius Sigan


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