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Morgana has gone with Morgause, and the mythical beast, liberated by Merlin, over and again goes after Camelot, causing enormous fire harm. Just a winged serpent ruler is fit for containing the monster, men whom Uther mistreated years sooner, from which only one actually makes due (Balinor), who lives like a loner in a cavern. Gaius, who assisted him with getting away from Camelot, lets Merlin know this is his dad, and when Merlin and Arthur follow him, Merlin uncovers himself to Balinor (however they keep it from Arthur). Balinor consents to come to Camelot to help, however there is further show before Merlin demonstrates how him can be his dad’s child and losses the winged serpent.

Merlin Season 2 Episode 13

The Last Dragonlord


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