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Understanding that his jousting adversaries generally let him win since he is the regal ruler, Arthur professes to pass on court and enters the rundowns in camouflage to win on merit. He remains with Guinevere, who lets him know a few unpleasant realities about his haughtiness, and they kiss. Moorish professional killer Myror, paid by adjoining ruler Odin (whose child moved a hesitant Arthur to a duel and lost his life) shows up at Camelot to kill the youthful sovereign. He enters the joust with a spear concealing a knife on its tip, yet Merlin utilizes sorcery to overcome and kill him. Arthur has taken in some lowliness by his experience however lets Guinevere know that Uther would go against any sentiment between them.

Merlin Season 2 Episode 2

The Once and Future Queen


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