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The new sovereign of Camelot ends up being far crueler than Uther, who is made to watch from his prison as she butchers blameless people. Guinevere assists Sir Leon with getting away from jail and joins her sibling Elyan, Gaius, Merlin, Arthur and Gwaine, who are concealing in the forest. Warriors follow however they are saved by Lancelot and a young people of gigantic strength, Percival. Merlin investigates the waters of Avalon in the phial given him by the Fisher King, which guides him to Excalibur, the blade which will overcome the foe. The outlaws see as a round table, around which they movingly pronounce devotion to one another, and Arthur knights every one of the young fellows – with the exception of, obviously, Merlin, however Lancelot, mindful of his powers, tells Merlin he is the most valiant of all. The gathering dispatches its intrusion of Camelot, which gives Gaius his best hour as the sisters are directed, generally because of Merlin’s utilization of Excalibur. In any case, he puts the blade in a stone until it tends to be utilized once more.

Merlin Season 3 Episode 13

The Coming of Arthur: Part Two


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