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Arthur should travel alone to search out an old magician, the Fisher King, and recover a brilliant spear to demonstrate his right to the high position. Morgana gives him an ornament, the Eye of the Phoenix, which will debilitate and kill him whenever worn for a really long time. Finding this, Merlin sets out after him, gathering Gwaine, and they save the crippled ruler from two going after wyverns, disposing of the ornament. Arthur accepts the journey is his however Merlin, isolated from the others, meets the Fisher King, who lets him know he is the divinely selected individual. He provides him with a container of water from the pool of Avalon to utilize in the event that Camelot is in danger. The mission is achieved however Guinevere has likewise found that Morgana is a sinister sorceress and trusts in Gaius.

Merlin Season 3 Episode 8

The Eye of the Phoenix


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