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As Morgana’s powers catch Camelot, Arthur finally comes to see his uncle’s injustice. He is hesitant to escape, yet Merlin entrances him into getting away with him, briefly obstructing his memory and dressing him as a worker. Elyan, Gaius, and Gwaine are taken prisoner, however, Morgana is dazzled by Gwaine’s exhibition in preliminaries by battle. Isolated from Leon and Percival, Merlin and Arthur fall in with runners Tristan and Isolde, during which Merlin’s spell wears off and the youthful ruler can uncover his character to them. The group of four getaways to Ealdor, Merlin’s town, where an injured Arthur is breastfed by Guinevere as Agravaine and his military close in.

Merlin Season 4 Episode 12 – The Sword in the Stone: Part One


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