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Arthur has been ruler for a long time without an episode, yet presently a campaign north to the place that is known for Ismere, drove by Gwaine and Percival, is caught by Morgana and individual magician Ruadan and set to work in the mines to find a mysterious key. An inquiry party headed by Arthur and Merlin pursues them, happening upon a town whose occupants have been slaughtered, A withering Druid cautions Merlin of Arthur’s curse – a fight where the youthful ruler will be killed. Ruadan’s girl Sefa is a covert operative filling in as Guinevere’s housekeeper, who cautions her dad of Arthur’s military heading for Ismere through the grounds of his partner Queen Annis. The gathering is in this manner trapped and Merlin and Arthur are caught by Mordred, whom Merlin perceives from the prediction as similar to Arthur’s executioner.

Merlin Season 5 Episode 1 – Arthur’s Bane: Part One


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