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Ruadan salvages his girl however is lethally injured simultaneously. Merlin and Arthur are courses walked to Morgana’s frigid safe-house. Mordred offers them some grace yet Merlin, having witnessed what’s to come, doubts him. Merlin and Arthur escape and show up in the mines underneath the palace, where they free every one of the slaves and meet a soul called the Euchdag, who is herself the Diamar, the “key” which Morgana had been looking for. Mordred saves Arthur from Morgana’s endeavor to kill him and is compensated with a knighthood on the re-visitation of Camelot. Merlin stays watchful in spite of the Euchdag letting him know that Arthur’s plague is Arthur himself, not Mordred.

Merlin Season 5 Episode 2 – Arthur’s Bane: Part Two


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