After Arthur is unseated from his pony, his seat is displayed to have been messed with and his stable husband to be Tyr Seward accused. Detained, he tells Merlin he saw the genuine offender yet was informed his mom would kick the bucket in the event that he informed on them. The genuine saboteur, Guinevere (captivated by Morgana) kills Tyr, and Arthur acknowledges past the point of no return his guiltlessness. Guinevere then, at that point, harms Arthur and projects the fault on Merlin, passing on a detained Merlin to utilize sorcery to save himself and the lord. To cover herself, Guinevere calls the pharmacist from whom Morgana bought the toxic substance to pass the resulting fault onto Morgana as the future professional killer, however, Merlin has some better sense.

Merlin Season 5 Episode 7 – A Lesson in Vengeance


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