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Sikandar demands lovely to inform him concerning the evidences concerning Kulfi’s father. pretty lies to him that she has burnt the diary, she doesn’t take care of Kulfi, she doesn’t understand her father.

She asks him to urge real and consider Amyra. She tells him that it’d be straightforward for her to travel to Tevar and take Amyra on, however she didn’t go, as Amyra loves him. She tells him that Tevar was about to settle for Amyra thanks to her. She asks him to determine if he can settle for Amyra and her.

She needs to understand his call. He gets angry on her and asks her to inform him concerning Kulfi. He scolds her for concealment concerning Amyra. He doesn’t skills she has sent Kulfi to Tevar, despite knowing the reality. Sikandar blames her for destruction Kulfi’s life. She tells him that they need to have confidence Amyra. He asks her to not use Amyra as a protect. He tells her that he will ne’er forgive her for this pitiless act. lovely breaks down once her fears flip true. Sikandar sets intent on notice Kulfi’s father.

Lovely calls him up to understand what’s he up to. He doesn’t answer her decision. Kulfi works laborious to create her family the simplest one. She asks concerning Tevar. She needs Tevar to rouse early and begin the day. lovely shares the surprising happenings with Cutie.

She tells her that Sikandar has learnt Amyra’s birth truth. She can’t live while not Sikandar. Cutie tells lovely that they’re going to invariably be along with her. She asks lovely to not worry concerning Sikandar. She tells lovely that Tevar can sure enough settle for Amyra when knowing the reality. pretty doesn’t wish to interrupt Amyra’s heart by sharing such a truth. Kulfi wakes up Tevar. He asks her to let him sleep for a jiffy. She doesn’t spare him. He gets pleased with her efforts.

Lovely tells Cutie that Amyra desires her father, she regards Sikandar as her father. She needs to save lots of her wedding with Sikandar. She admits that she loves Sikandar for all his sensible qualities. She tells Cutie that she is going to ne’er come back to Tevar. Sikandar reaches Chirauli and remembers her love vows with Nimrat. He revisits her reminiscences.

He gets emotional and feels he has been wrong whereas deciding for Nimrat. explore for Kulfi’s father makes him face his past another time. Kulfi makes Tevar do all the work on his own. lovely decision sikandar and sikandar obtain the decision and tell that he’s in Chirauli, he won’t speak till he notice the reality concerning kulfi father.he can meet Kulfi’s uncle and recognize the reality. lovely fears that Sikandar would learn the larger truth too. She asks Cutie to assist her and stop Sikandar from reaching the reality.

Tevar checks the menu and makes faces, kulfi says there wasnt something therefore i created this, Tevar says we tend to might order then, Kulfi says no no this whole hosue is my responsibility and like my ma i’ll create this hosue an honest one, then are our family, like Amyra abd Sikander family. Sikander in Chiroli, he knocks the door. Tevar says currently my daughter has taken such huge responsibility i’ll support her,Amyra walks in,kukfi rushes to her and hugs her and welcomes her.

Kulfi says return let me show you my room,and leaves with Amyra. Sikander calls however nobody answers and so sorts the door fast.

Cutie making an attempt to call and says why is her phone of, lovely says momma he shouldn’t understand kulfi is his daughter he can leave my Amyra and that i can liise everything.cutie opens the door and finds Nihalo. Sikander says i won’t go until i notice clues, sikander sees Setu,setu gets terribly angry seeing him. Kulfi asks did you wish my space, Amyra says i like your toys,my momma and dad area thus busy im inquiring for these toys they didn’t offer me these,kulfi says take them if you wish even yiu had shared yours with mine,Amyra says however they were recent, Kulfi says toys are toys and by sharing we have a tendency to unfold love,mom use to inform me, Amyra says your momma schooled you such good items, kulfi asks hiw was your surprise,Amyra says it created them unarticulate and momma started crying,and right away i desire crying as a result of pop has left somewhere.

Sikander asks setu does one understand setu.he stays here kulfis mama,setu gets terribly angry. Tevar walks in and hears kulfi and amyra talking regarding projector,he explains kulfi what projector is, tevar says lets go watch a moving-picture show, Amyra asks tevar to assist her create projector, tevar says i can’t as a result of somebody simply taught me we must always facilitate ourselves, kulfi says however who can facilitate us,tevar says i will be able to cook thus meet you at lunch.

Sikander says kulfis mama mami,setu says i dont understand, Sikander says it’s vital please,setu says but we have a tendency to dont need to,im kulfis mama. Nihalo in awe seeing sikanders house, cutie asks however did you reach here, Nihalo says your order of payment has your address, lovely walks out and in shock seeing cutie and remembers kulfis accident and hides. nihalo sees her and asks who all stays in your house, lovely calls cutie,cutie says you keep here i will be able to come.

Nihalo takes a seat on couch and says the reaction clearly says setu hasn’t met her. Sikander says you’re her mama,she keeps talking regarding you, I’m Sikander,setu says i do know and then i dont need to speak to you, Sikander sats why please it’s vital, setu says before i insult you please leave. kulfi and amyra acting on projector. Tevar making an attempt his hands on change of state, amyra says we have a tendency to cant and walks into room kulfi follows and sees burnt roti,tevar says let’s order food,amyra says same with projector,Kulfi says we have a tendency to arent jilting,Tevar says look we have a tendency to tried,kulfi says right and currently we must always facilitate one another, you go facilitate amyra and that i can help akad bakad.amyra says wow you’ll be able to cook food too, kulfi says affirmative, amyra says man she is aware of most,tevar says and its ne’er ending.

tevar joins amyra and kulfi starts change of state.everyone finishes their tasks, Amyra says we have a tendency to simply have to be compelled to end with colouring currently, lets go get colors. sikander says why aren’t you asking regarding kulfi however you’re creating tantrums,Setu asks who are you to inquire from me all that, setu remembers nimrats pain.

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