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Money Heist Season 5 Episode 4 (S5E4) - MP4 Download

Money Heist Season 5 Episode 4 (S5E4) – MP4 Download

Money Heist

Season Number: 5
Episode Number: 4
Episode Title: Your Place in Heaven
Language: Spanish, English (Dual Audio)
Subtitle Language: English
Air Date: Sep 3, 2021
Source: Money.Heist.S05.SPANISH.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.Atmos.x264-AGLET
Subtitle: English


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Proceeding from the last scene, the bank rooftop is exploded by the specialists, leaving an opening. Worryingly, Helsinki is harmed from the impact. A concerned Palmero advises Helsinki to move away, however he can’t — he’s harmed, and his leg is caught. The Professor, who is currently free, radios into Palmero and Lisbon to help prompt on the assault so they can save Helsinki yet in addition flank Sagasta’s crew. Everything’s “sticky” in scene 4.

Be that as it may, before scene 4 gets off course of the war, we are given knowledge into Berlin’s heist at the palace in a flashback. At the palace, there’s an occasion that Tatiana is performing with her piano playing abilities. The child is ready for assisting the heist with his digital abilities in spite of being against the thought in past scenes. During the heist, Berlin and his child arrive at the mysterious vault in the palace, and the child unscrambles codes to track down the right storage box. They figure out how to track down the gold.

Marseille and Tatiana assist with diverting security while Berlin and his child trade counterfeit adornments with genuine Viking gold. They figure out how to get away, and the child is feeling the endorphins and adrenaline. He currently comprehends the rush. Berlin out of nowhere tosses the bag of Viking gold into the water to show his child something new. He advises him to leave the pomposity and good predominance behind the following time they do a heist. Obviously, this was a fleeting and prodding exercise in light of the fact that as they drive away on the boat, Bogota shows up in scuba jumping gear, holding the bag of gold.

At any rate, to the present; the conflict inside the bank proceeds. Helsinki is battling, and Palmero needs to give him clinical help, yet the issue is that his leg is under a marble section. There are ideas to remove Helsinki’s leg, yet Palmero rules against it – they need a switch to move the section. They have delayed; because of rocket fire from the heist group, a lot of the Sagasta’s group are injured. In the mean time, Professor keeps radioing exhortation to the heist as the specialists plan a subsequent assault. He likewise advises Marseille to get a child bottle and a pacifier for Sierra’s child. It’s a weird circumstance. One that might have been anticipated yet feels unusual. Sierra needs to surrender her weapon. The child is the need now.

Palmero and Lisbon use smoke bombs to get a wooden switch to attempt to help Helsinki and his leg while upheld by covering fire. Teacher sends Tokyo, Denver, and Manila on the rooftop, utilizing prisoners as an interruption so they can descend the opening and flanks Sagasta’s unit. Teacher then, at that point contacts Tamayo and plays a recording of the Colonel expressing that they need Arturo to bite the dust, so the heist group is viewed as killers. There’s likewise recorded proof that he censured Sierra with created proof. Educator is discovering approaches to retaliate with mental fighting. He advises Tamayo to stop the subsequent assault, or he will deliver this proof. Realizing he is compromised, Tamayo remains during the time assault. The Professor is back! Also, better than anyone might have expected!

With the temporary peace before a violent upheaval, Manila abruptly freezes on the rooftop and uncovers that she has fallen head over heels for Denver. Tokyo and Denver attempt to quiet her down, however she needs to get things out into the open in the event that she kicks the bucket. In the interim, inside the bank, Palmero and others figure out how to free Helsinki. Teacher advises Tokyo to cause a charge on the rooftop while Matias fires his rifle from the rooftop entryway to create turmoil. Tokyo and co arrive at the opening on the rooftop. Inside the police tent, Angel reminds Tamayo that there are prisoners on the rooftop and it is incautious to assault.

The Conclusion

As the scene closes, Tokyo, Denver, and Manila arrive at the opening on the rooftop and drop down to flank the military unit from the opposite side — checkmate. Major Sagasta and his men are encircled. Tamayo radios in and advises Sagasta to remain down — he’s responding to Professor compromising him. Notwithstanding, Sagasta has different thoughts, and they figure out how to assault back. The conflict resumes.

Gandia opens a security convention in the bank, and the military escapes — three entryways close shut, leaving a large portion of the heist group in a room, caught. Teacher advises them to withdraw to the kitchen. The scene closes with Gandia, Sagasta, and their fighters moving toward Tokyo and the remainder of the group. You can cut the pressure with a blade!

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