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With Helsinki’s life in harm’s way, the criminals mount an incognito counterattack. A long time prior, Berlin and his child direct their first heist together.

Money Heist Season 5 Episode 4 (Spanish) Full Movie

  • File Size: 99.51MB
  • Season Number: 5
  • Episode Number: 4
  • Episode Title: Your Place in Heaven
  • Air Date: Sep 3, 2021
  • Language: Spanish, English (Dual Audio)
  • Subtitle: English

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A concerned Palmero advises Helsinki to move away, however he can’t — he’s harmed, and his leg is caught. The Professor, who is currently free, radios into Palmero and Lisbon to help prompt on the assault so they can save Helsinki yet in addition flank Sagasta’s crew. Everything’s “sticky” in scene 4. 

Yet, before scene 4 gets off course of the war, we are given understanding into Berlin’s heist at the palace in a flashback. At the palace, there’s an occasion that Tatiana is performing with her musical abilities. The child is energetic about assisting the heist with his digital abilities in spite of being against the thought in past scenes. During the heist, Berlin and his child arrive at the mysterious vault in the palace, and the child unscrambles codes to track down the right storage box. They figure out how to track down the gold. 


Marseille and Tatiana assist with diverting security while Berlin and his child trade counterfeit adornments with genuine Viking gold. They figure out how to get away, and the child is feeling the endorphins and adrenaline. He presently comprehends the rush. Berlin unexpectedly tosses the bag of Viking gold into the water to show his child something new. He advises him to leave the haughtiness and moral predominance behind the following time they do a heist. Obviously, this was a brief and prodding example on the grounds that as they drive away on the boat, Bogota shows up in scuba jumping gear, holding the bag of gold.

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