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With Helsinki’s life in harm’s way, the criminals mount a secret counterattack. A long time prior, Berlin and his child direct their first heist together.

Helsinki is squashed under falling trash yet he’s alive, essentially until further notice in any case.

With the Professor back in charge once more, he figures out how to speak with his gathering inside the bank, letting them know they need to assault from two fronts. With the military shutting in, this is the main way they can save Helsinki’s life.

While this is continuing, more flashbacks cast our look back to Berlin and Rafael breaking into a sumptuous ball, with Tatiana and Marseille filling in as an interruption. Talking about which, this whole subplot feels like one major interruption. At any rate, it attempts to show Rafael’s beginnings into this. (what’s more bite up a decent 15 minutes of run-time in the process as well.)

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Back in the bank, the gathering makes a tourniquet around Helsinki’s injury while Tamayo chooses to get the counter explosives robot. In this, however, Helsinki requests Palermo just remove his whole leg. Incapable to move the marble sculpture squashing him, this seems like the main way. Or on the other hand right? There could be one more method of doing this, with the group embarking to attempt to move the sculpture all things considered.

The Professor puts together his company, with Sierra holding on with her darling and Marseille requested to get child things. Benjamin in the meantime works with the Professor as they gain from Lisbon that the cuffs from before really had a covered-up mic inside. This implies all that Tamayo has been saying has really been recorded. What’s more, now they can utilize that for their potential benefit.

The Professor quickly rings Tamayo halfway through this activity and plays the recording of him affirming the manufactured proof against Sierra. He extorts the man into accommodation, canceling fortifications – and the counter-hazardous robot. He needs Tamayo to stay with a solitary wave inside – the 8 tip-top warriors against the 10 looters. If not? Indeed, the Professor has methods of making him pay – which incorporate telecom a lot of implicating information to media sources.

Assuming that wasn’t sufficient, the group coordinate the prisoners up on the rooftop to lead a “rush”, diverting and confounding the sharpshooters across the way so Tokyo and Denver can flank Sagasta’s troopers. It works as well, and they rappel down into the room with weapons drawn. With the fighters encompassed on all sides, Sagasta’s powers are kept under control. Tamayo settles on his decision and passes on the troopers to battle for themselves inside the bank.

With Sagasta and Gandia in the driving seat, they choose to assault and do as such on four sides. The local army is vastly improved prepared than our burglars, and straightaway tosses a progression of explosives. This basically fills in as an interruption as they order security conventions in the room, closing down three substantial entryways and removing a large portion of the group.

A splash of shots then, at that point, follows, as the fighters walk forward and corn Tokyo; it resembles the stopping point for these characters. Or on the other hand right?

Money Heist

Season Number: 5

Episode Number: 4

Episode Title: Your Place in Heaven

Language: Spanish, English (Dual Audio)

Subtitle Language: English

Air Date: Sep 3, 2021

Source: Money.Heist.S05.SPANISH.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.Atmos.x264-AGLET



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