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Tamayo chases after the gold as the group attempts to beat the odds. Mónica stresses she’s having a maniacal break. A long time prior, Berlin is misdirected.

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Money Heist

Season Number: 5

Episode Number: 8

Episode Title: The Elegance Theory

Air Date: Dec 3, 2021

Language: Spanish, English (Dual Audio)

Subtitle Language: English

Source: Money.Heist.S05.COMPLETE.SPANISH.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.Atmos.x264-AGLET


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Berlin’s flashback; His better half Tatiana is parting ways with him, yet he argues that they stay together and not permit his terminal ailment to end things. His better half cases they used to have greater dreams, such as taking from the Spanish save bank. She affirms she needs a separation, and Berlin is grief-stricken. He feels there is another person, so he follows her. And afterward, he learns a dim truth his better half is taking part in an extramarital entanglement with his child Rafael.

Berlin goes up against his child and lets him know that his better half is stunning. Rafael wishes he had told his dad himself he clarifies it’s just been three weeks and in some cases, he’s truly infatuated with her. Berlin hopes everything works out for Rafael and Tatiana, realizing they won’t get an annuity or a tremendous legacy. He then, at that point, junks the eatery, and he is captured.

Much to our dismay how significant this flashback is an uncommon defining moment.

In the current day, there’s gold, gold, gold proceeding to fly through the waste framework; they figure out how to get all the gold out. In the meantime, Tamayo knows that they can hear a waste framework siphon close to the motor. The specialists know what The Professor is doing; Tamayo requests that they observe where the gold is. It’s not finished at this point.

Denver concedes to Stockholm that he kissed Manila and that he’s befuddled. He believes he shares all the more practically speaking with Manila. Stockholm isn’t in the mind-set to talk, and she appears to be shocked with a migraine. She begins daydreaming and hears Toyko’s voice, and she looks into the shaft of the dumbwaiter; she sees Sagasta’s crew part, and she thinks she sees the apparition of Arturo. Denver vows to care for her as she is terrified he puts her in a vault. This is an opportunity for the broke couple to reconnect and have some good times together. Stockholm strip prods for him. What a method for accommodating.

Tamaya’s men look at an area, expecting to observe the heist group siphoning out of the gold. In any case, the main area they visit is all reasonable. The subsequent area, a dam, is additionally all unmistakable. The following area is the Stormwater tank. Furthermore, the police show up; The Professor is in shock as Benjamin gives him a weapon. He advises everybody to drop their weapons as it’s finished. He would rather not cause a slaughter and acknowledges rout.

Furthermore, my statement, did we think it was everywhere.

The police show up, and they give up; The Professor’s bad dream worked out as expected; the specialists heard the mechanical siphon, very much like he cautioned Berlin. In a flashback, Berlin lets The Professor know that disappointment characterizes an individual and is not really set in stone to press everything from the existence he has left.

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