Download Tropic Thunder (2008): A film team is in Southeast Asia shooting a Vietnam-war journal. It’s right off the bat in the shooting, however, they’re now bogged down and spending plan. On the day a mishap happens to the beginner chief, the cast and group are gone after by a posse of poppy-developing neighborhood street pharmacists, with the exception of the cast and team don’t understand these aren’t entertainers who are following them. The hooligans hijack Tugg Speedman, an entertainer whose star appears to be on the downfall, and it ultimately depends on the remainder of the ragtag group to rally to the point of endeavoring his salvage. In any case, will Tugg need to leave?

Runtime: 107 mins

Release Date: 12 Aug 2008

Starcast: Jeff Kahn, Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Ruivivar, Jack Black

Director(s): Ben Stiller

Genre: Action, Comedy, ,

Tags: parody, vietnam



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