My Heart Knows December Teasers 2021: Kalyani observes a container of chloroform in Pallavi’s sack and questions her with regards to something similar. Malhar feels deceived by Kalyani, thinking she had referred to Atharv’s decision as she too recommended a similar name.

Zee world My Heart Knows Teasers December 2021

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Episode 34

Malhar lets Kalyani know that in case he at any point tracks down Sampada and Atharv, they will lament being alive. Then again, Sampada is tired of an existence of destitution. Malhar takes Kalyani and Pillu out for shopping in Mumbai.

Thursday 2 December 2021

Episode 35

Sampada finds Kalyani, yet Kalyani doesn’t perceive her. Sampada is certain that she committed an error of eloping with Atharv.

Friday 3 December 2021

Episode 36

Ahusaheb plots Malhar’s defeat. Anupriya acknowledges Ahusaheb needs to ruin the capacity. Thus, she goes to camouflaged.

Monday 6 December 2021

Episode 37

Pallavi intrudes on the capacity by declaring her right as an auntie to name Pillu, hinting he is Atharv and Sampada’s youngster.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Episode 38

Ahusaheb’s arrangement unfurls and she sees a hurt Malhar accept Pallavi’s untruths and leave the capacity.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 39

Aparna crosses paths with Malhar over Moksh’s nail-cutting meeting. In the interim, Anupriya bombs her tests. At the point when the DNA test uncovers that Moksh’s DNA matches with Atharva, Malhar is shocked and damaged.

Thursday 9 December 2021

Episode 40

Malhar acknowledges he failed to remember Moksh at the emergency clinic and surges back with Kalyani. The specialist encourages Malhar to give Moksh mother’s milk or saline because of his stomach contamination.

Friday 10 December 2021

Episode 41

A restless Kalyani slips into the specialist’s office and sorts out the thing Malhar is stowing away. Afterward, Malhar cuts off the power in Ahusaheb’s home to rebuff them. He then, at that point, places chunks of stone on Kalyani’s feet as discipline for taking.

Monday 13 December 2021

Episode 42

Malhar hears Kalyani let Ahusaheb know that she will consistently remain by him. Priyanka would join a similar school which satisfies Kalyani yet makes her eliminate her memento.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Episode 43

Malhar goes to her group with her memento and declares her conjugal status and welcomes the understudies to lunch. He is shocked to see Anupriya there.

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Episode 44

Sampada calls Aparna in the wake of perusing that Kalyani is hitched to Malhar. Anupriya catches their discussion. Kalyani guarantees Malhar to fix the harmed CD. Anupriya gets Aparna attempting to obliterate it and her doubts of Sampada being alive are affirmed.

Thursday 16 December 2021

Episode 45

Kalyani is given a reality serum infusion by Malhar as he needs to discover more with regards to Kalyani’s association with Sampada. Vivek and Pallavi meet Diwakar Bhau, a neighborhood criminal, who they had sold Anupriya’s essential for the property and gathered INR 2,50,000 as commission.

Friday 17 December 2021

Episode 46

To escape Diwarkar’s obligation, they capture Anupriya so her kidney can be given to his mom. Atharv sees Mugda attempting to choke Sampada and afterward take an infusion. Sampada lets him know that she is pregnant and requirements to visit an emergency clinic.

Monday 20 December 2021

Episode 47

Sampada is moved in a similar ward as Anupriya. Kalyani escapes and attempts to arrive at the clinic, when she catches the constable say Malhar expects to get Atharv, Sampada, and Anupriya in the act.

Tuesday 21 December 2021

Episode 48

Pallavi stresses the results of Vivek and her activities. Atharv gets brutal with Sampada when she attempts to legitimize her call to Aparna. Malhar sets up for Anupriya’s drugs. Kalyani and Anupriya choose to watch out for Aparna and Pallavi.

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Episode 49

Afterward, Aau Saheb questions Anupriya concerning where she took in the English language. Seeing a harmed Atharv accompanied to home upsets Sampada. Afterward, Kalyani coincidentally breaks a clock, and afterward, Malhar requests that she sit tight for something.

Thursday 23 December 2021

Episode 50

Anupriya comes spruced up as a wise whom Aparna requests answer to get Sampada back home. Kalyani challenges Aau Saheb for a kite-flying contest, with her arrangement to rejoin the family. During the opposition, Malhar holds Kalyani, which gets seen by Aau Saheb and Anupriya.

Friday 24 December 2021

Episode 51

Atharv and Mugdha get hitched, yet he quiets Sampada, referencing that it’s simply a street to progress. Kalyani looks into the Godavari talking with Rahul, Kalyani’s colleague. Be that as it may, Malhar botches it to be Kalyani and chooses to explore by joining the school as a teacher. Mugdha begins getting a fit of anxiety.

Monday 27 December 2021

Episode 52

Atharv and Sampada pursue their lives the telephone planted by Kalyani is found. Malhar clarifies the significance of Republic Day for inspiration. Sampada visits Aparna for her kid and afterward gets back with Atharv.

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Episode 53

Atharv appears as the main visitor and abuses the Deshmukh’s. To save many lives, Malhar acknowledges forfeiting his life thus does Kalyani when she follows the bomb.

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Episode 54

Ahusaheb brings up issues on Sampada and Atharv’s endurance. Malhar and Kalyani unexpectedly act like a mindful couple. Sampada shocks the Deshmukhs by going to their home. She moves to take Moksh back however is halted by Anupriya and Kalyani.

Thursday 30 December 2021

Episode 55

Sampada’s obstinacy powers Malhar to get the body of evidence against Sampada resumed. Malhar gets back home alcoholic and requests that Kalyani beat him up as his discipline for treating her impolitely regardless of her steady help. The following morning, the police come to investigate Aau Saheb, yet Malhar mediates by saying that he has assumed control over the case.

Friday 31 December 2021

Episode 56

Aau Saheb requests replies from Anupriya. At the point when Sampada attempts to commit suicide, Atharv plans a party fully intent on avenging their embarrassment. He powers Malhar and Kalyani to go to it by asking him explicitly to care for the security game plans.

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