My Heart Knows Friday update 24 March 2022 Zee world: Anupriya tell Atul that she helped him by submitting Madhuri’s letter for sake of Kalyani, not for me and if you trouble my daughter, I shall cross all limits. Do not make me think that I did wrong by taking this step. Though I compromised with my destiny but kalayani will not and ask her do go by door. She letter tell Atul, that you are nobody to ask me anything.

Sathark tell Malhar that everything is fine and Kalayani is coming, you should apologies to her for sure, and he goes. Malhar practice by saying sorry, when kalayani arrives. She get happy seeing arrangement and heart just like in Movies, but Malhar deny that he didn’t do anything. Kalayani says she knew as he can’t do this. Malhar say she is not the only one who watches movies, I too watch. Kalayani say that fighting ones doesn’t have romance. And both fight cutely. Kalayani say she thought you called me to say sorry, but I was wrong. Malhar say he called her to say sorry and both strike with each other and fall down with music adha adha ishq aadha hai aadha ho jayega…

Kalayani ask why these Movies secens are repeating with us? Malhar says why Sarthak organized flower shop here? He think that he need to say sorry to her for whatever I did. Kalayani say to him no need to say sorry in arrogant way. Malhar shout sorry and sit on knees and say sorry for every pain he gave to her from marrying, from aparting from moksh, for taking rounds against her will around dead body. Kalayani smiles. Malhar hold her face by saying that I can’t decide for you, you have to take decision, but for sure I want you to stay in my and moksh life. Sun raha hai na tu music plays. Kalayni jerk his hand saying you are so filmy. Malhar say I said sorry from her but you are not realizing.. just than strong wind blows and it turn out to be his dream………………………..

Kalayani was on the way, when she sees Atharav with Moksh and on the other side sampada inform Malhar about court case for the custody of Moksh. Kalayani too reach there and keep notice papers.

Kalayani ask Malhar that why was he quiet and ready notice about custody, she inquire about all this? Malhar shouts he can’t stop them from going against me, as according to Aao Saheb FIR I am guilty for Baba death. And until I am proved innocent, I am guilty and Atharav and Sampada are using all this in their favour and goes from there. Kalayani ask god for troubling my family.

Anupriya tell Atul how can aao sahib do this? Atul say to her talking big is easy, now stop all of them! Kalayani come and hug anupriya. Anupriya say I will let nothing happen to my daughter and my grandson. Kalayani shout outside that family member got memory loss that due to Atharav and Sampada they had to bear so much. Atul and aupriya try to stop her. Atharva dance his room and sampada get irritate. Atharav says let dogs brag, when aao sahib and aprana come and agree to him and give some proof in cd.

Malhar cry infront of sarthak that he has lost as father, as I know aao sahib is the one who agreed others against me and I am scared that today is last night with moksh. Sarthak says believe on kalayani and me, we both are with you and fighting for you. Malhar ask sarthak tell me truth as lawyer will we win this case? Sathark stay quiet. Malhar says I got my reply, I am not terrified that I might lose my life but I am terrified that if I lose case I need to give my son to that cheap woman sampada.. sarthak console him and Kalayni is shown listening to them. Kalayani say I will not let sampada win and snatch moksh.

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