My Heart Knows Monday update 10 April 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Malhar that she was helpless to sit in Atharv’s car as he thinks she agreed willingly to marry him. Malhar is driving the jeep and asks her not to clarify and says didn’t I know? Kalyani asks him if he is also acting with Sampada. Malhar says why will I act and tells that I am with her because of Moksh. Kalyani asks did she get close to her, and says you comes early to house daily. She says if Sampada gets wrong signal. Malhar says you asked me to take care of Moksh. Kalyani says if Sampada thought it wrong. Malhar says we have more important work and says we have to expose Atharv. Kalyani says yes. She sees gift and says I didn’t open my gift yet. She says she is very excited and says last time she was excited when she was going to picnic. She asks what is in this and opens the gift happily. She sees prickly heat powder and is shocked. Malhar says he brought the right gift for her. Kalyani says chocolates, teddy bear etc..she asks what did you think and gave me this. Malhar says you are strange and says I thought a lot and brought this. Kalyani says you gave me this as this is summer, and says this is your first gift, do you want me to meet you applying this. She asks if it was rainy season then would you gift me an umbrella or monkey cap. Malhar says it is my mistake, I would have given you what I thought first. Kalyani asks him to tell. Malhar says what you told was finished. Kalyani asks Dhaniya powder..and asks him to drive jeep and gets upset. Just then Malhar gets Sampada’s call and he says why she called. Just then Kalyani sees the truck and alerts Malhar, but before he could move the jeep, the truck hits their jeep, Kalyani pushes Malhar out of the jeep and gets hit by the truck.

Malhar brings her home. Doctor says there is no major injury. Atul scolds Malhar and tries to beat him. Anupriya stops Atul and says Malhar cares for Kalyani so much. Atul blames Malhar for Kalyani’s condition and pushes him down. Malhar gets up and cries feeling bad for Kalyani’s condition. He says if your Aai thinks she is a super woman, did you see what your Aai do? He says she risks her life to save others and asks him to tell his Aai to stop it. Moksh says Aai…Malhar is surprised and asks him to say it again. He says Kalyani will be very happy to hear that, and asks him if he will tell her Aai. He says we will go to your Aai and asks him to say Aai there. He brings Moksh to Kalyani. Atul insults him referring him to Dog. Malhar asks Kalyani to get up and says your son told something today. Atul says Kalyani has no relation with this boy. Malhar says your son called you Aai today. He asks Moksh to say. Moksh says Aai…Malhar says our son is speaking. Anupriya asks Kalyani if she heard. Malhar sees her hand and recalls. A fb is shown, kalyani tells Malhar that she will sit down and study. Malhar is sitting on the chair. Kalyani comes near him silently and draws Malhar with stick on his plaster. Malhar sees her and asks Kalyani. Kalyani says his hand will be healed fast as it will see handsome police officer with stick in his hand. Malhar looks angrily. Kalyani says why I am feeling that I will be beaten up. Fb ends. Malhar takes the sketch pen and draws police officer and stick on her plaster. Atul tries to stop him. Malhar asks her to get up.

Sampada comes there and asks Malhar why did he bring her son here. She asks Anupriya to give Moksh to her. Anupriya says Kalyani will recover if he calls her Aai again. Sampada says I am his Aai and we don’t care if Kalyani live or die. Malhar shouts at Sampada angrily and warns her not to say anything against her. Sampada says you can’t harm me, I am not afraid of you. Atharv comes there and acts as concerned for Kalyani. He asks her to get up and says I called best doctors for you. He holds Malhar’s collar and says I can beat you now itself, but will not beat you as I have promised Kalyani. He asks Malhar to go and let the doctor treat her. Malhar says I will not go from here. Anupriya asks Malhar to come out. Sampada asks Malhar how dare he to refer Kalyani as Moksh’s Aai. Malhar says kalyani is only Moksh’s Aai and says the truth is bitter for you. Aao Saheb brings court inspector officers/lawyers and says they don’t think so.

Malhar hugs moksh and cries. Anupriya asks Kalyani to get up seeing movement in her fingers. Kalyani asks for water. Anupriya goes to bring it. Kalyani gets up from bed. She walks out calling Anupriya. Anupriya sees her about to walk on the glass pieces and stops her. Malhar and Atul come and ask what happened? Kalyani says Malhar ji…I can’t see. Malhar is shocked.

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