My Heart Knows Monday update 14 February 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Malhar scolding Kalyani and asks what was the need to fix the meeting and says that’s why I told you need my help. He says your generation is not a cheap App and says first Maayi and that guy need to meet first and know each other. He says then we have to make family members understand. kalyani says she got excited and didn’t think, and told that they will meet today. Malhar says today. Kalyani says he is good and tells that he don’t look 40 and his height is higher than you. Malhar asks if I am short. He says they shall check that the guy is khandaani, if he will take care of Maayi and keep him happy or not. He says lets go and meet him. Kalyani touches his uniform and it gets torn. He turns to her angrily. Kalyani says she don’t want him to come in uniform. Malhar says I am sparing you as we have to go. They go to the prospective guy’s house. Guy tells that he liked the girl Anupriya’s pic and liked it. She is like his Aaji. Malhar and Kalyani see the knives and gun at his house. Malhar asks what did you do? Kalyani says it was written that you do social service. The guy tells that he does social work, and asks them to tell if they want anyone to vacate the house, kidnap someone or kill someone. Kalyani says sorry to malhar and says you can punish me after going home.

Malhar asks if you don’t want Maayi to marry him now. The guy asks if the girl is not good. Kalyani says our girl is good. Malhar says we will discuss and tell you. The guy asks him to go to room and talk. They leave Anupriya’s pic on table and go to room. Aao Saheb comes there to take sarees order. She sees the weapons. He asks her to sit. Kalyani asks Malhar to do something. Malhar says he kept the weapons as chai and biscuits. He says if they come to know that we will not get Maayi marry him then don’t know what they will do. He sees a window.

The guy tells Aao Saheb that he wants to give order of 500 sarees as he is getting married next month. Aao Saheb congratulates him and asks who is the girl? Malhar tries to make Kalyani go through the window, but kalyani falls on him. They have an eye lock. Malhar asks why did you fall? Kalyani says she left Aai’s pic on the table and says she can’t leave the pic there. The guy tells Aao Saheb that the girl is from Deshmukh family and is about to show Anupriya’s pic, but he sees her and slaps his goon and says she is aunty and the girl he liked was 21 years ago. He asks him to call those people. He asks Aao Saheb to go and refuse to give her order. Aao Saheb is walking out and calls Vivek, says the man is mannerless. Malhar and Kalyani hide seeing her. Kalyani says Aao Saheb must have murdered us. Malhar says this is happening because of you. The guy asks his goons to throw Anupriya’s pic out, when Kalyani and malhar come there. The guy tells that he is handsome and will not marry a woman like kaku.

Kalyani scolds him and says you think of yourself as hero and calls him goon. She says My Aai doesn’t look at goon like you and says I reject this alliance. She kicks him and runs. The guy asks his goons to catch them. Malhar and Kalyani try to run out. The goons catch them. Kalyani says you don’t know who my husband is…Malhar asks her to become silent. He beats the goon. Goon is about to hit Malhar, but she hits bottle on the goon. She throws bottles on the goons, everytime he is fighting with a goon. The guy aims gun at Malhar. Malhar beats him. Kalyani throws bottle on Malhar mistakenly. Police team comes there. Malhar says I messaged and called them. Kalyani says I also helped you using Atharv’s company sugarcane juice bottle. Malhar says to hit me. Kalyani tells the guy that she would have hit him with many bottles and says she will burn him. She switches on the lighter. Constables take him. Malhar asks her to join drama company and throws the lighter. The sugar cane juice on floor catches fire. Malhar saves Kalyani and jumps off from the fire. Kalyani tells Malhar that how can Sugar cane juice have wine. Malhar checks and says it is wine mixed in the juice. Kalyani tastes it and spits. Malhar says I will not leave Atharv.

Anupriya is cooking food in the backyard of the house. Kalyani sets off the Chula and tells that how she will upgrade her looks if she makes her face like this. Aparna asks what she wants to do? Kalyani thinks to do her grooming and clicks her pic. Aparna says you are thinking as if Maayi’s marriage burden is on you. Kalyani tells that she has to go to school for billu’s admission and wants her pic as his nani. Anupriya says Billu is very small. Aparna says I will go as I am his nani. Kalyani says Billu is my son so my maayi will be his Nani. Sampada shouts and says what do you say? Kalyani asks her not to shout and says Atharv’s bad time will start and then this energy will be useful.

Atharv gets a call from his employee informing about the raid in his factory. He says I gave bribe to the Police. Malhar takes the call. Atharv gets shocked.

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