My Heart Knows Monday update 15 June 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Kalyani and Anupriya are writing the exam. Anupriya finds it difficult to write with the injured hand. Kalyani checks the question paper and thinks that paper is easy and she will get 85 percent of marks. She will tell Malhar ji. She finds Anupriya’s medical prescription with her question paper and thinks Aai can’t write the exam. She thinks who has kept this prescription here. Aao Saheb and Aparna are outside and think Kalyani will not write her exam now. Kalyani gives her answer sheet to the professor and drops water bottle on anupriya’s hand. She checks her answer sheet and tells that you didn’t write anything. She tells professor that she will write Anupriya’s exam whatever she says. Professor says we have to take principal’s permission. Kalyani praises him and tells that she will praise him on social networking site. Professor agrees to let kalyani write Anupriya’s exam.

Aao Saheb says everything is happening as we thought. Kalyani didn’t write her exam, now Atharv will tell Malhar and he will get angry on Kalyani. Anupriya asks Kalyani if she had finished her exam so early. Kalyani says if I am a fool not to write the exam. Kalyani finishes writing Anupriya’s exam. Anupriya says you will get distinction. Kalyani thinks she didn’t write anything. Atharv comes there with Atul and provokes Atul. Malhar comes there and sees Kalyani giving Anupriya’s paper. Malhar asks professor to show her answer sheet.

Professor shows her answer sheet. Malhar finds it empty. Atharv teases him. Atul tells Malhar that Kalyani will fail today and blames him saying Malhar has not taught her anything. Anupriya says Malhar taught her everything. Atul scolds Anupriya says you failed Kalyani for completing your exam. He says now this girl is not my daughter. He says I will not interfere in your matters. Atharv says now husband and wife will fight and I will take Mugdha far away from here. Kalyani tells Malhar that Aai was bearing the pain so that she couldn’t know her pain. She says how can I let her fail. Malhar says you would have told me, I would have sent writer. Kalyani says I didn’t think that. She says you are there with me and supports me in studies, but everyone discourages Aai and wants her to fail. She says she will choose Aai to pass than her. Malhar says she doesn’t care for anyone’s feelings rather than Aai.

Anupriya says I will make her understand. Malhar apologizes to her and asks how did she let her write her exam leaving her own, says this is selfishness. He goes. Anupriya blames herself and calls herself selfish. She says I am not your real mum. Kalyani says Aai..Anupriya goes. Kalyani talks to Moksh’s pic and tells that she was sure that she couldn’t let Aai fail in exam. She says don’t know what Sampada is going to do. Just then she looks out of auto and sees lady beggar sitting on side of road holding the baby whom Sampada kept in day care in Moksh’s place. She stops the auto and asks the lady beggar to stop, but she runs away.

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