My Heart Knows Monday update 21 February 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Malhar asking Pallavi to accept that she has stolen the money. He asks if she will agree or not. A fb is shown, Atharv asks Pallavi to steal the money bag and says he will give her half. Sampada says if you tell Atharv’s name then he will not forgive you and will never help you. fb ends. Pallavi tells Malhar that she had stolen for her own use and not on Atharv’s insistence. She brings the money and keep on the floor. Atharv says my money..and is about to take the money, but Malhar takes a iron rod and hits on the money notes. Atharv says I showed you the receipts. Malhar says I am Bapat’s father and asks him to go and complain to whoever he wants to. He tells Pallavi that Atharv is her same brother who played with Godaveri’s respect and says when you come to know about his truth then you will feel very bad and regret.

Kalyani tells Anupriya and Aao Saheb that they will Sale the sarees in the college. Aao saheb says she will talk to Principal and take his permission. Kalyani says they will have profit. Aao Saheb kisses on her forehead and says she is just like his Aai. Anupriya thinks she is talking about Madhuri and gets sad. Aao Saheb says she is talking about Anupriya and tells her that her daughter Kalyani is just like her.

Keshav moves the cradle and tells that kalyani was saved for the first two times, but not the third time. Sampada asks for tea. Anupriya is taking tea for her. Kalyani takes the tea cup and spits in it. She asks her to give tea to Sampada. Atharv comes and tells that he will see them. He takes the tea and drinks it. Kalyani and Anupriya are shocked. Atharv says tea is good. Kalyani comes to Malhar and asks him to drink tea. She tells that she should have told him about withdrawing Madhuri’s money. Keshav eyes them. Kalyani tells that she shall do this with everyone troubling her. Malhar thinks Kalyani spitted in her tea and feels like vomiting. Kalyani asks what happened? She tells that she didn’t spit in his tea and drinks it to prove. She then tells Malhar that she didn’t spit in Atharv’s tea as well and just acted.

Anupriya comes to meet Keshav. Keshav comes there. Atharv thinks what is happening in Maai’s life and thinks she went near the well. Keshav asks why she gets scared seeing him and says only I am worried for you, who loves you selflessly. Anupriya says who can take this decision for me and says this is my family and nobody can love me more than Kalyani. Keshav asks how can you forget that Kalyani has Atul’s blood. He says I couldn’t take revenge from Atul, but will punish Kalyani. Anupriya says you wanted to take my daughter’s life and says if you get saved from me then can harm her. She tries to hit stone on him. Keshav says you don’t have the strength to kill me and says Deshmukh family is taking advantage of your vulnerability. Atharv hears them. Keshav says once I take the revenge then I will take you far from here. Anupriya cries and says stop this madness. Keshav goes. Atharv thinks Anupriya is having an affair with her love, under everyone’s nose. He comes home. Sampada tells that Shaadi vivaah guy came here and is telling that he will place our pic on his website and pay us money. It will be written that we got married through his website. Atharv gets angry at Sampada and tells that if anyone comes to know about our fake marriage then…He asks the guy to leave. The guy tells him about his website and says one of his client is their family member Anupriya. Atharv says ok, I will call you. Guy leaves. He tells Sampada that Kalyani is searching guy for her and Maayi’s new lover came here. Keshav comes home as the cylinder delivery guy. Aparna asks Kalyani to boil the milk.

Kalyani tells Billu that gas came and says if he shows nakras to drink milk then she will leave him in jungle. She says if he drinks milk then he will be smart like her, and says if I leave you in jungle then you will not become mogli. Anupriya sees gas truck and thinks today there was no gas delivery. She sees the foot marks and gets suspected. Keshav keeps the nozzle on. Kalyani is hearing song and goes to kitchen dancing. Anupriya runs inside the house and shouts Kalyani. Kalyani doesn’t hear her and is about to light the match stick.

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