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My Heart Knows Monday update 28 February 2022 Zee world: Episode start with Anupriya going to Keshav and remembering his words about to save kalayani, she need to leave kalayani..

Malhar say to Atharav that he is at that position and that much angry?? that he can even kill? him, atharav say I don’t know about poison.. Malhar say My wife is fight with life and death, tell me truth. Aao saheb even pray? to atharav saying Kalayani is child, tell us truth and wash his wrong doings by doing atleast one good work. Atharav again deny and tell them to ask Anupriya, she knew about poison? Pallavi do drama and say atharav is right, anupriya must know everything. Aao saheb get tense, but Malhar say he is just manupulating, Anupriya can’t do this..

Anupriya reach temple⛪, and some people praise her saying that she do good job as prist said she wash temple every night.. Anupriya smile ?and goes inside and call Keshav..

Aao saheb ask doctor to take kalayani hospital, but doctor deny. Malhar cries and ask to treat kalayani, doctor say he can’t until he find how poison reached inside her body. Shekhar pacify crying???? Malhar..

Keshav call anupriya inside Shiv temple, and he lit light.. Anupriya say she fulfilled her promise, now please you fulfill it.. Keshav lit temple ⛪diya and he tell whole truth that Poison was in Havan wood and she ran and inhaled poison.. Anupriya call malhar, and stopped by keshav.. Anupriya beg?? keshav and say I shall do whatever you ask and keshav say tell him that you are going Pune. She call and tell Malhar whatever Keshav asked her to say. Malhar say how do you know all this and ask her whereabout?? Keshav cut call and say anupriya why she is concerned about kalayani, she is illegal child??? Anupriya say she and kalayani share good bond same like Sindoor and Shiv.. Just door get closed.. They both bang and decide to leave in morning.. Sampada smiles? and remember how she heard everything. And plan for new drama..

Police?? is about to take Atharav but his lawyer come and stop by giving bail papers.. Atharav say
he didn’t do anything.. Malhar?? say I shall sent you jail at any cost, just wait till morning.. Atharav say to himself you shall wait till morning only…

Malhar is shown restless???, just than kalayani get up.. She say I was in cave, how I reached here? He ask you went to take selfie?? and gave her water?.. Kalayani ask about Anupriya and Moksh?? He ask about why she went into that cave?? Is she is in?? army, airforce, police or navy?? Why she always risk her life?? Kalayani get scared and say I shall drink water? later, first you scold.. Malhar say sorry and feed her water?..

Anupriya get scared? saying what will people think?, if they found we are behind door whole night… Just than Dhol nagada and other music?? plays.. Anupriya get shocked and remember this is same temple where people were about to pray for rain, full family must be here..

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