My Heart Knows Monday update 3 April 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Malhar to eat properly and says there is still more time. Malhar asks time? Kalyani says you have to beat more goons and asks him to eat food, and says she will come in a minute. She calls Anupriya and asks if Sampada slept? Anupriya says yes and asks why are you asking? She asks when she will come? Kalyani says soon. She comes back to Malhar and asks him to stop eating and says she will pack all stuff. Later she comes home. Anupriya asks why didn’t you come with Malhar? Kalyani says Sampada would have proved that we were together. Anupriya asks why did you ask if Sampada slept or not. Kalyani says just for general knowledge and makes excuses. She gets a call. Anupriya asks whose call it is? Kalyani says unknown number.

Atul sees divorce papers and asks who made this. He says Sarthak would have made it as his eye is on Anupriya. Kalyani says she got it made and tries to convince him to sign on it. She says don’t you think that Aai shall start her new life. Atul says with Sarthak? He says even I don’t want to stay with Anupriya. He recalls Aao Saheb’s words and goes.

Sarthak sees Anupriya and Atul. He sees Anupriya wearing married woman clothes, mangalsutra and sindoor. Atul asks her to make the people look like everything is fine between us. Sarthak sees them going inside Delight Hotel. He calls Kalyani and informs her. Kalyani says how can this be possible. Sarthak says may be she thought to give a chance to her marriage.

Kalyani comes to the hotel and thinks why did Papa bring Maa to such cheap place. She sees the hotel number and goes inside. Malhar comes there and asks what are you doing here? Kalyani asks what are you doing here? Malhar says he came to catch the wanted criminal. Kalyani says she came as Kaka told her that papa brought Maa here. Someone knocks on the door. Kalyani shouts for help. Malhar asks why are you shouting for help and asks her to shout to open the door. Kalyani says ok. Malhar says he got the message from the unknown number. Kalyani looks at the address and says this address chit is not written by me. She says someone copied my handwriting and wrote this. She says surely Atharv must have done this. Malhar asks why Atharv will do this. Kalyani says how can you say that, why don’t you believe me..Malhar keeps hand on her mouth. They fall on the bed. Kacchi Doriyon se plays…..Malhar and Kalyani look at each other. Some party goons come there and knock on the door. They ask them to come out. Kalyani locks the door and gets shocked.

The goons threaten to break their bones. Kalyani tells Malhar that Sampada and Atharv must have sent goons here, to prove that we are having an affair and will click our pic. She asks him to think about Moksh’s custody. Malhar says I am Police man and can’t be scared. Kalyani holds him tightly. Malhar asks her to leave him. Kalyani takes gun from his pocket and aims at him. She then says sorry.

She returns his gun and says there is a way and asks him to jump off from the window. Malhar holds her hand and says I will not go leaving you alone. Kalyani says I know, but you have to go from window for Billu and asks him to save her from coming through door. She says please for Billu. Malhar jumps from balcony. The goons break the door and ask where is the guy here? Kalyani calls security and says she was alone in the room. She asks who will pay for this door’s bolt. The goon says it is enough of the acting. Kalyani takes their hockey stick. They snatch it back and ask where is her boyfriend. Kalyani says I don’t know. Just then they see Atharv coming out from bathroom shocking her. Malhar comes there from front door. The goon asks the other goons to make their video and show the video to their parents. Atharv stands with Kalyani and says she is his fiance and going to marry her in 10 days. The goon records the video. Atharv asks them to make the video viral. Malhar says you want to marry Kalyani? Atharv tells that they were not doing anything on bed and was just sitting on bed. Atharv recalls hearing Kalyani talking to Sarthak and sending Malhar to the same room. He tells Malhar that when you and Sampada are married, then I can marry Kalyani. Malhar says you can’t be here with Kalyani and says…Kalyani says Atharv was with me.

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