My Heart Knows Saturday update 25 March 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Kalyani coming to Aao Saheb holding the rod. Aao Saheb says you want to kill me, but Moksh will be separated from Malhar. Kalyani gives the rod to Aao Saheb and says I brought this for you, and asks her to vent out her anger on her. She says I have lost and tells that Moksh is Malhar’s life. She folds her hand and asks her not to separate Moksh and Malhar. Malhar cries thinking about Sampada telling about the custody hearing. Kalyani tells Aao Saheb that she will do anything whatever you say. Aao Saheb says nobody will give statement against Malhar, but for that you have to go away from Malhar and Moksh’s lives. Malhar talks to Moksh and says may be you are drinking milk from your baba for the last time. Kalyani comes there and tells that she will make Moksh have milk from her hand. She tries to feed Moksh and tells that she has a superb idea to keep him and Malhar safe. She talks to the baby and asks him to laugh. She says there is one bad news with this good news and says the bad news is that I have to go away from Malhar and you. she says I asked you being a good girl and asked for your suggestion, and asks him to answer her after thinking. She asks him to answer her. Moksh smiles. Kalyani thanks him for answering her and tells that we will learn to stay without each other, but Malhar can’t stay away from him. She asks Billu if he will miss her and says she will miss you so much. Malhar comes there. Kalyani and Malhar wipe their tears. Kalyani runs out of room crying. Malhar takes Moksh in his arms and cries badly.

Kalyani comes to Malhar and tells that if she goes away from Malhar and Moksh, then will you not give statement against Malhar, and says you will not take Azooba’s fake swear. Aao Saheb promises her and asks her to fulfill her promise.

Malhar is in the kitchen and gets his hand burnt. Kalyani scolds him and asks you can’t take care of yourself, then how you will take care of Moksh. He says when I will not be here then will you miss me. Malhar says no and tells that he can’t keep her away from his heart. It is her imagination. Kalyani tells Malhar that she will cook the food. Malhar turns and looks at her.

In the morning, Sarthak tells Kalyani in court that Malhar is a good father and he is happy in her marriage with him, and they are good parents to Moksh. Kalyani says ok, sits in auto and leaves. Aao Saheb sees her leaving and smiles.

In the court, Sarthak tells that Sampada ran away with Atharv, leaving a day’s old baby. Sampada’s lawyer tells that Malhar used to torture Sampada a lot and that’s why she left him. Her lawyer asks Sampada to come to witness box. Sampada tells that she has bear so much while being with him and he used to beat her and didn’t give her anything to eat. She says how can I stay with him, with whom I was suffocating. He used to lock me in bathroom, that’s why I left him. Anupriya thinks where is Kalyani? Kalyani reaches house and switches off her phone.

Aao Saheb tells that Malhar used to illtreat both Sampada and Kalyani. Sarthak asks where is Kalyani. Sampada’s lawyer tells that Aao Saheb gave her CD about Malhar’s behavior with his wife and son. Anupriya checks in the bathroom. Atharv tells that Kalyani planned to make them elope, and says Sampada wanted to take her son, but they had to left Moksh because of Malhar’s madness. Kalyani packs her stuff in the bag and thinks she has to give this sacrifice for Malhar.

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