My Heart Knows Sunday update 20 February 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Atharv telling the people that he is an ordinary man and gave bribed to malhar before, but now he can’t give him any more bribe. People tell that they shall beat Malhar. Malhar says I didn’t take money from him, and says he don’t do wrong with his Police uniform. Sampada shows the pic in which Atharv is offering money to Malhar. Malhar recalls Atharv’s drama to offer him money which they had stolen from Malhar. The people start pelting stones on Malhar and others, and start breaking things. Anupriya says malhar can’t do this. Kalyani tries to protect her, when someone throws stone on her. Malhar fires his bullet in air. Atharv says now see how Aurangabad Singham stoops low. He asks Malhar to shoot at him. Malhar plays the recording which he had recorded while Atharv trying to give him money. He asks Sampada to take a pic now, and tells that it is good that he don’t trust them. Pawar comes there. Malhar asks them to arrest Atharv’s men. Atharv asks him to give his money. Sampada says Kalyani gave that money to Aao Saheb and says you all are together. Malhar says if you accuse kalyani wrongly then nobody will be bad than me. Sampada asks Aao Saheb to say. Pallavi says Kalyani gave money to Aao Saheb and told that Malhar gave. Malhar asks Kalyani from where she got the money to be given to Aao Saheb, and says he trusts her and wants to know the truth. Anupriya tries to speak. Malhar says I want to hear from Kalyani only. He takes her inside and says don’t force me to lower infront of Atharv. He says I know that you didn’t steal that money and asks him to tell from where the money came from.

Kalyani says I didn’t take that money and can’t tell from where I got money to give to Aao Saheb. Malhar asks her to tell. Atharv and Sampada come inside. Atharv asks Malhar, why his all wives betray him. Anupriya calls insurance agent and he tells that Kalyani took the money which Madhuri kept for her. Kalyani asks why did you tell this. Anupriya tells Malhar that Aao Saheb would never have accepted it. Aao Saheb gets upset and goes. Kalyani runs behind her and asks her to listen. Aao Saheb asks her to move back and calls her illegitimate. He calls her illegitimate repeatedly and says we hurt you by saying this, this word might be piercing your heart like a knife, and says if the legitimate relations are such then illegitimate relations are not bad. She says she has done so much for legitimate Sampada, but she insulted them so much. She says we have done so much bad to you and always protected and respect our relation. She says your life was in danger too, and says you have handed over your everything to us, which your Aai kept for you, and was ready to face Malhar’s anger silently. She cries. Anupriya says you shall feel proud to have such a grand daughter who will never make your head down. Kalyani says Aao Saheb.

Aao Saheb says I can’t look in her eyes. Kalyani says I will not go anywhere. Aao Saheb says if it is necessary to proof everytime that you are my blood. Kalyani and Aao Saheb hug each other. Atharv asks what a family drama and asks about his money. Aao Saheb says today they will get advance and asks him to keep that, but not to harass Malhar and Kalyani. Vivek comes and tells that the sahukar was fake and gave fake order, and now refusing. Aao Saheb feels drowsy and sits. She blames Atharv. Atharv says I would have helped you, but Malhar had stolen all my money. Malhar comes near Atharv and hugs him. He says I am feeling very bad that you have a big loss. He says I will find the real thief. He says that notes were having chemical on it, and says I know that few people have the habit of touching the notes and counting, by licking the fingers putting in the mouth. He says he will put the torch and the guilty will be found. He asks Atharv to open his mouth and checks, but Atharv is not the one. Atharv says I want my money. Pallavi says she has to wash the utensils. Malhar says nobody can go, until fully checked. Pallavi pretends to faint. Atharv asks Vivek to call Doctor. Kalyani says why to waste money and says she knows how to make the unconscious gain consciousness and says she will get consciousness when I will make her smell cow dung smeared slipper. Pallavi gets up. Kalyani asks her to act something else. Atharv says I was worried. Malhar says do I need to check you, or will you accept to steal that money on Atharv’s sayings.

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