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My Heart Knows Thursday update 9 March 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Malhar that she wants Kaka and Aayi to get married. Anupriya and Sarthak are shocked. Kalyani says both are single and will be happy with each other. Aparna asks what nonsense, have you gone mad? Malhar takes out gun and aims at Aao Saheb. He says have you gone mad, I am already married in this murderer family and says you want Kaka to marry here. Kalyani asks what are you saying? Malhar says Aao Saheb was driving the car 18 years ago, when the car met with an accident and the woman dying was my mother. He asks Aao Saheb what she will say and tells that he laid a trap to catch the criminal, and same thing happened? Kalyani says Aao Saheb can’t do anyone’s accident. Malhar gets a call and he asks Pawar to bring Keshav to his house directly. He says all the truth will come infront of everyone. He says he took special permission and is bringing Keshav here. Sarthak thinks he was thinking Keshav guilty and thinks he didn’t know that Aao Saheb was driving the car. Kalyani asks Aao Saheb to tell something. She asks Anupriya to say. Anupriya thinks even I didn’t know that Malhar’s mum death in that accident. Kalyani tells that her Aao Saheb can’t kill anyone. Malhar asks her to look at her face and says her eyes are accepting the crime. He takes a rod and is about to hit Aao Saheb, but stops himself and breaks the things in his house.

Kalyani asks Malhar to calm down and asks him to let Aao Saheb say something in defence. Malhar says did my Aai get a chance to say? He says he lost his mother when he was a child because of her and shows the handkerchief woven by his mother. He says it was in my mother’s hand when she was taking her last breath. She says Aao Saheb ran ramming car on my mother and left her in pain. Kalyani says I understand how it feels when one loses Aai. Malhar asks her not to tell him and says I don’t need your sympathy. I am bend down, but not broken. I will punish her badly. He takes out belt and says he will punish her. Sarthak stops Malhar. Malhar beats himself with his Service belt. Sarthak stops him. Rao Saheb is silently standing. Malhar tells Sarthak that he is punishing himself and says even you are guilty, you lied to me all these years. He says I went to study outside the village and says you hid a big fact from me. He says I never thought myself as orphaned because of you, but you broke my illusion. He says I am all alone. Sarthak tells that how I would have told you that she died due to accident. He says you couldn’t have food for 4 days when you came to know that she died due to heart attack, and tells that he lied to him so that he keeps him away from pain. He says I didn’t know that the car accident was done by Aao Saheb and not keshav.

Keshav is brought there, by Pawar. Malhar asks him to tell the truth today. Keshav says I wanted to tell you truth that day in the temple, but you didn’t want to listen. He says I didn’t do any accident and tells that when the accident happened, I as sleeping in outhouse, and tells that Aao Saheb came to me and did a deal. He says she said that if I take the blame on myself then she will make Anu as her bahu. He says I was poor and thought that my sister will become bahu of a big house, and that’s why took the blame on myself, but I didn’t know that they will betray my Anu. He says I didn’t know that their son is a useless man. Anupriya slaps him, and says you didn’t ask me when you did a deal. She says you are ruining my life…Keshav. Malhar asks Anupriya if she knew that his mother died that night. Aparna says I really didn’t know about it and swears on Kalyani. She says I only knew that someone died in the accident and Keshav took the blame on himself. Malhar says forgive me, but I don’t trust you. He says you have kept my mother’s death hidden from me.

Kalyani says Aai didn’t know anything. She says I couldn’t believe that Aao Saheb did that accident and tells if Aai had known then she would have told the truth to you. Malhar says you are taking her side and asks if she also knows about this. He asks did she tell you that Aao Saheb did my mum’s accident. He asks you wanted to save everyone, your family. Kalyani asks have you gone mad? How can you think? Keshav says she knew it and tells that Anupriya told her that she told everything to Kalyani and says all Deshmukh family knows. Kalyani holds Keshav’s collar and asks why is he creating problems between her and her husband. Aparna says he is lying, we didn’t know anything. Anupriya comes out and asks why did you do this? She says why did you lie to Malhar, and says you know that neither Kalyani nor I was aware of it. She says she is ashamed to have a brother like him and will not forgive him. Keshav says even I will not forgive you, and says you have chosen Kalyani leaving me and tells that he will ruin her life.

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