My Heart Knows Tuesday update 21 March 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Sarthak that she was doubtful that Plan A of handwriting will fail and that’s why she was ready with Plan B. Sarthak asks her to play the recording. Kalyani says she has transferred the recording in phone. They hear Aao Saheb telling Aparna that the letter was not written by someone else and not Rao Saheb..She is about to take the name, and just then the recording stops. Kalyani asks Sarthak if they can show this as proof. Sarthak says no. Kalyani says she will free Malhar in a day and says she will find out who has done this. He asks how you will do this. Kalyani says I have a plan, now I will unite Billu and Malhar ji.

Inspector comes to Police station. Malhar asks him where was he and tells that he wants to talk to his wife Kalyani. Inspector says Kalyani ruined all his day and says she wanted to match Rao Saheb’s letter with others’ handwriting, and brought court orders. He says she worked hard all day and made me run too, but couldn’t get any proof. Malhar looks on hearing them.

Kalyani is talking to Moksh. Aparna comes there. Kalyani says she shall take her class, but…She says only she will take care of Moksh now and taunts at Aparna for not taking care of Moksh. Malhar calls Kalyani. Kalyani picks the call. Malhar is silent. Kalyani thinks it is a blank call and says manner guys, and says I am married and asks not to think of flirting with her. She then realizes Malhar is on call and asks him, cries. Malhar is on call, but don’t talk to her. Kalyani asks if he is missing Billu and that’s why called her. She takes phone to Moksh and asks him to say Baba…She asks him to say once and says your baba is missing you. Moksh says baba…Malhar gets emotional and cries. Kalyani takes the call and says Malhar ji….Malhar keeps the phone down. Kalyani promises Moksh to take him to meet Malhar, and says I will see who stops me.

Next day, Kalyani is going out with Moksh. Atul stops her and says you want to take this boy to Malhar. Kalyani says yes, I will take him to meet Malhar ji. Atul asks him to take out her mangalsutra. Kalyani says no. Some people come there and taunt at Atul. Kalyani takes pic with them and says you are great to think about me more than my father, she then scolds them for interfering between her father and her. She tells Atul that when he was in jail, she used to miss him. She says Moksh is very small and he can’t talk to his father on phone. She says my father can’t be strict to stop Moksh from meeting his father. Atul asks her to go and return soon.

Kalyani goes to meet Malhar. Malhar gets happy to see Moksh and lifts him in his arms. Kalyani tells him that Moksh said the first word Baba yesterday. She plays the recording in which he is saying baba. Malhar thanks her. Kalyani tells him that she was always on his side and asks him to keep his thank you safely and promises to free him soon. Pawar comes and says time is up. Malhar goes back to lock up. Song plays…..ab hai saamne..marjawun ya jeelun zara…Malhar looks at them. Kalyani and Mokssh leave from there.

Anupriya shows many bundles of money to Pallavi and says she was not aware of this locker before. She tells that when she was cleaning the painting, she found the locker and the money inside. She says I will give the money to Aao Saheb. Pallavi says I will tell Aao Saheb and takes money from her hand. She thinks Appa might have kept for us. She finds their house map and thinks treasure is hidden here. She finds the key on the map. Anupriya is hiding and tells Kalyani that Pallavi got trapped in their trap.

Pallavi calls Vivek and shows the map on video call. Anupriya and Kalyani are keeping eye on her. Anupriya asks if she has doubt on Pallavi. Kalyani says it was easy to trap her, and says she hopes that they find about the person writing the letter. Pallavi tells Vivek that there is a treasure in the house. Vivek says there is no treasure in the house and asks her to throw the map, else he will tell Aao Saheb. Pallavi says it is waste to talk to him and ends the call. Kalyani tells Anupriya that they have to take the next step.

Pallavi checks the map and finds that the treasure is near the well. She thinks how to get the keys. She hears Anupriya and Kalyani talking to each other. Anupriya tells Pallavi that she found lipstick marks on Vivek’s shirt and also this key from his pocket. Pallavi hears them and gets doubtful about Vivek. She thinks Vivek is having an affair and plans to elope with that woman. She comes near them. Anupriya and Kalyani act shocked and ask if she heard them. Pallavi takes the shirt and the key from them. Kalyani says she will wash the shirt. Pallavi goes. Kalyani says chachi will not believe Chacha now. Anupriya thinks how we will reach the person writing the fake letter. Just then Kalyani gets a call and asks what happened to Malhar ji.

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