My Heart Knows Tuesday update 22 February 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Kalyani coming to the kitchen dancing and is about to light the stove with the match stick. Anupriya shouts her name, but Kalyani doesn’t listen as she is wearing head phone and listening to music. Anupriya comes there and stops her. Kalyani tells her that gas is leaking and says if I had lighted the gas then would have got burnt. Anupriya asks everyone to come out. Kalyani says Moksh is inside and runs inside. Malhar asks runs inside, but they couldn’t find Moksh, and finds soil marks. Anupriya thinks Moksh is kidnapped by Keshav. Malhar suspects Atharv and shouts his name. He jumps to Atharv’s side of house and bashes him up for kidnapping Moksh. Sampada tries to stop him. Malhar gets angry and says he is not doing anything to her as she is a woman. Kalyani holds Aparna’s neck and asks where is my son? Aparna says she doesn’t know anything. Malhar asks Constable to search all place. Atharv tells that whenever he will take Moksh, he will take him infront of his eyes. Everyone searches Moksh and asks the people. Aparna blames Kalyani. Anupriya comes to the well. Kalyani cries asking moksh to make a sound. Anupriya looks in the well and shouts Billu. Everyone come there shockingly and see his toy. Malhar says it is just a toy. He says he won’t let anything happen to Billu. Keshav calls Kalyani and asks her to go to room silently. Kalyani asks him to give Billu and says if he does anything then…Keshav shouts and asks her to take Malhar and shoot herself, but not in the house, but at the place as told by him. Kalyani asks what he will get by doing this. She says I will come there, but don’t do anything to my son. Aao Saheb asks her Servant to jump and check. He checks and says Moksh is not here.

Anupriya is about to tell Malhar, but just then Keshav sends Moksh’s pic with a message asking her to be silent. Anupriya keeps quiet. Kalyani is on the way. Sampada blames Malhar for Moksh’s kidnapping. Sarthak comes and slaps her. he says I never thought that I will see your this face. Aao Saheb says Sarthak. Sarthak apologizes and says I came to meet Malhar and Kalyani. He says when I saw that Sampada who left baby is accusing Malhar. Atharv says it was Sampada’s wish. Sarthak asks him to be quiet. Sampada hugs Atharv and cries. Keshav calls Kalyani and asks her to come down. Sarthak asks where is Kalyani? Malhar tells that kalyani went to meet the kidnapper and recalls hearing her conversation. A fb is shown, He asks her who is the kidnapper? Kalyani tells him everything. Malhar takes out the bullets and asks him to take the gun, and reach there. He says you have to make the kidnapper busy till my constables reach there. He says don’t pull the trigger else he will know that you have no bullets in gun. He asks her not to panic and remember that Moksh is with him.

Kalyani reaches there. keshav asks her to come straight. Malhar asks Constables what she was doing? Keshav asks Kalyani to jump in the pit and search a pistol kept there. Kalyani finds the pistol. Pawar and Rao follow her. Keshav asks Kalyani to throw the gun which she brought and shoot herself with the gun which she found. Pawar tells Malhar that kalyani is about to shoot herself with other gun. Malhar is shocked. Anupriya hears him and runs out of house, without telling Malhar about Keshav. Keshav comes near Pawar and Rao and hit them with stone. They get injured and faint. Keshav looks angrily. He asks Kalyani to shoot herself. Malhar tells Sarthak that Kalyani and Moksh, both are in danger. Keshav asks her to shoot else he will kill Moksh. Kalyani tells Keshav that she will shoot herself and asks him not to do anything to Moksh. Anupriya reaches there and snatches gun from her hand when the bullet is shot. Kalyani falls down in the pit.

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