My Heart Knows Tuesday update 25 April 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani if she was crying? Kalyani says no and says I drank hot coffee. Malhar asks about Atharv. Kalyani says he is in room sleeping. Malhar asks her not to lose hope and tells that his men are outside the factory and is sure that Maai is captive there. He says I don’t want to enter factory now, my men will wait for Atharv to go there and then will catch him red handed. He asks her to give time till morning and says he will make everything fine. Kalyani asks if he would like to have coffee and asks shall I make. Malhar takes the coffee tea from her hand, which she was drinking and takes a sip. He gives coffee cup to kalyani. Kalyani tastes the tea. Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum plays…Malhar takes cup from her hand and drinks. Kalyani smiles. Malhar shows the cup to Kalyani.

In the morning, Atharv calls Atul and Pallavi and shows his injured palm. Aao Saheb asks what wrong have happened today. Atul worries for Atharv and bandages his hand. Commissioner comes there. Atharv tells him that someone attacked him and stabbed knife on his hand. Malhar thinks Atharv is using trick on himself. Atul asks Commissioner to assign some competent officer for Atharv. Commissioner asks Malhar to assign all his officers in Atharv’s Service. Kalyani thinks Atharv will change Anupriya’s place now.

Kalyani’s friend Shatabdi and other ladies play sindoor khela. Atul explains that Shatabdi and her relatives came to play sindoor khela, it is auspicious for the bride. Pandit ji says this is auspicious and says it is said that it is sindoor khela in bengali. Aao Saheb asks how can bride play with sindoor before marriage. Pandit ji says it is auspicious, but the sindoor shall not be applied to her maang. Kalyani comes out wearing the saree in bengali attire. She greets Shatabdi and asks them to start the rasam. Atharv says my clothes shall not be ruined. Malhar thinks what is going on in kalyani’s mind.

Suddenly a heavy wind comes. All the ladies panic. Kayani lifts her ghunghat and signs Malhar. She thinks you have stopped Malhar, but can’t stop me. Suddenly everyone sees veiled Kalyani falling down and come to her. Atul asks if she is fine? He takes her to room. Malhar gets worried for her. Kalyani coughs. Atul asks her to wash her hands and take rest. Kalyani closes the door. Atul tells Atharv that Kalyani will be fine. Malhar thinks what Kalyani is trying to do. Kalyani is seen running on the road, stops and wipes sindoor from her face. She sits in the rickshaw to go to eknath industries. She thinks I acted about this rasam to come out and thanks the weather forecast on her mobile. The lady acting as Kalyani lifts her veil and she is Sampada. Sampada thinks Kalyani shall return fast and nobody shall know that I am inside the Pallu. A fb is shown, kalyani comes to Sampada and tells that they both don’t want this marriage to happen. Sampada says she can’t see Atharv getting married. Kalyani asks for her help. Sampada agrees. Fb ends.

Kalyani comes to the eknath factories and thinks who is keeping eye on the factory, as there is nobody here. Sarthak comes there and tells Kalyani that he has already checked in the factory as it is opened and nobody is here. Kalyani gets worried for Anupriya. She finds her handkerchief there and checks in the car parked there. She tries to break the decky. The man comes and tells the car is his. Kalyani and Sarthak take keys from him. Kalyani opens the decky and finds it is empty. She says Aai is not here. The car owner asks are you mad to break the car decky. Kalyani shows Anupriya’s pic and asks him to tell if he saw her. The man tells that two men took her in the car and told that she is unwell. Kalyani asks him to help her and take her to the place where he dropped them. He agrees to drop them there and takes them to Ahilya Nivas. He says this is the place.

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