My Heart Knows Tuesday update 7 March 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Aao Saheb about Gudi Parva and tells that Aai was taking Keshav’s tension and says he can’t return from jail. Aao Saheb gets worried. Kalyani prays to God and asks her to help her and give her strength to speak about Sarthak and Anupriya’s marriage. She goes to check the mass marriage arrangements. Malhar takes Sarthak to side and asks how did his mother died? He says you had always said that my mother died due to heart attack. Sarthak says Vahini died in the hospital infront of me. Malhar shows the handkerchief and says such designs used to made by my mother, which I can never forget and tells that he found this with the proofs which he found in the box of Keshav. He says he checked her death certificate and she also died on the same day as the car accrident. Sarthak says Vahini died due to heart attack and tells that she was unwell since many days. He says this is just a coincidence. Malhar says may be you are saying right and I am feeling light after talking to you. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to tell Parshiya to keep the sarees safely as they have to give them to the newly brides. Kalyani asks Parshiya to keep it and thinks why Malhar is tensed. Malhar thinks they are surely hiding something from him. Kalyani asks him why is he worried. Malhar scolds her and asks her to take care of Moksh rather than making arrangements of mass marriage. He calls Aparna and asks her not to let Kalyani go to that side. Aparna scolds Kalyani and asks her to come. Malhar gets a call and asks Pawar if that car is brought to the Police station with which the accident happened, and tells that the criminal involved with Keshav will be caught. Aao Saheb, Rao Saheb and Vivek get tensed. Malhar looks at them.

Kalyani helps a woman to get ready for marriage. Aparna comes and scolds her. She says she will call Malhar. Kalyani says she has called him already and pretend to talk to him, and complains to him about Aparna, says he will not let her go out. Aparna gets angry. Kalyani says you will get mad if you are at home for a year. She says I have to do my Aai’s work and asks her to make Billu sleep in room. She finds one extra chunari and thinks to keep it in the outhouse.

Sampada makes the unconscious Anupriya gets ready as a bride and looks for the dupatta, she thinks where did that ghunghat go? Kalyani comes to the outhouse and calls Anupriya, asking how is she? She finds the door locked and asks where are you? Sampada gets tensed. Kalyani pushes the door and gets inside. She drops the ghunghat on floor and thinks who had locked the door. She is about to come to the wardrobe where Sampada is hiding with Anupriya. Just then a man calls Kalyani and tells that Anupriya met with an accident near the temple. Kalyani runs from there. Atharv and Sampada are hiding there with Anupriya. Sampada says thank god you came at the right time. Atharv scolds her for not doing the work well. Sampada says who called Kalyani. They come out and meet a drunkard man. Atharv says he is the same man who called Kalyani and he will be the same man who will marry Maayi and asks him not to open his mouth, says they will give more money. He puts money in his mouth. Sampada says it is good that we made her go and says if she returns then? Atharv asks her not to worry and says it will be too late when she returns. Kalyani calls on Anupriya’s mobile and then thinks to call Malhar.

Malhar looks at the car. He gets Kalyani’s call and rejects it. He appreciates Pawar and says whoever is involved will come here to wipe the proof and we will catch that person red handed. Pawar says yes. Aao Saheb comes there covering herself with a shawl, shocking Malhar. She checks in the car for proofs. Malhar says Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb still searches in the car and covers herself with a shawl before leaving.

Atharv’s man brings Anupriya to mandap holding her. Pallavi asks where were you, and asks everyone was asking about the 4th Jodi. Man lies that his would be wife is about to faint since she has kept fast and that’s why he held her. Rao Saheb says Ahilya went for work and asks Pallavi to start the marriage. Kalyani comes to the place and comes to know that there was no accident there. She understands that someone wants her to be away from house. Sarthak sees Anupriya’s foot and gets doubtful. Atharv understands and thinks what is he doing? Kalyani runs on the road to come home. Sarthak comes to Anupriya’s room and looks for her. Atharv comes and hits on his head. Sarthak faints. Kalyani runs on the road. Atharv says nobody can stop Anupriya’s marriage now. Kalyani runs on road. Atharv smiles.

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