My Heart Knows Tuesday update 9 June 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with Malhar coming to the room and sees it all decorated. He thinks what happened suddenly. The room is decorated with lights and flowers. Kalyani comes wearing red saree and brings milk, asks him not to worry as she..Kalyani is here. She thinks to make fan rotate so that her veil gets moved and to bring the romance in the air. Malhar asks what is all this? She keeps a finger on his mouth and says you talk so much. Her veil gets moved with the fan air and she starts sneezing. Malhar asks if this is a joke then it is a bad joke. Kalyani thinks if he don’t see romantic films and thinks his life is black and white. She asks him to drink milk, but he makes her drink milk. She looks at him and feels shy and smiles. Malhar says you are feeling very shy today. She thinks to apply formula no. 2 and pretends to fall down. He comes to her and asks how did you fall down. She asks him to lift her and make her lie on the bed. He asks her to clean the room and start reading book.

Kalyani thinks why don’t he understand and thinks to make him understand romantically. She plays the old song, shows his heart balloon and sits on the bed. She asks him to lift her ghunghat like a hero do in films. Malhar lifts her veil angrily. Kalyani asks him not to be angry today. Malhar asks her from where she got this cheap idea. Kalyani gets angry and falls on him mistakenly. She says she has seen four films and saw wedding night scenes and then decorated this time. She says we don’t have husband and wife relation and that’s why you flirt with other woman. Malhar asks when did I flirt with other woman. He takes her outside and they sit on the bench. He says I am talking to you. He says you are not the first woman in my life, but I can promise that I don’t see anybody else except you. Kalyani says whenever husband is having an affair, they talk sweetly with wife.

Malhar says what is the need for me to have an affair and says you are with me whom I love…and stops and tells that you are with me, my wife and life partner. Why I will look at other woman. He says don’t know what is our relation, but we have unnamed connection between us. He says there relation will be stronger in future and says we will stay as husband and wife when the right time comes and says he is very concerned for her studies now. He says I got married to you forcibly when I married you for the first time and burdened you with responsibility when you was so young, but this time I held your hand with my heart. Kalyani says I couldn’t give you happiness which a wife can give to her husband, says she wants to prove that she can give him happiness. Malhar asks what do you think that I lust for your body and asks can’t you see how much I love you. He says you don’t want to prove anything. He says we don’t have to prove that you can become something in life. He says it is not only your baba’s wish, but mine too to see you educated. He says I will be very proud if someone tells that Kalyani Rane’s husband is going. He says he doesn’t want her talent to go wasted in kitchen and says I will handle house work and kitchen, and you will just concentrate on studies. He says until you become something, I will not have any expectations of wife from you, says I will wait for you. Mahar asks her to become something in life.

Kalyani says if you started liking someone else till then. She says she saw in films. Malhar asks her to stop watching films and says the relation which she is talking about starts with love. He says may be you start loving me. He says Kaka tells that girls such angry man. He says I was flirting with Moksh’s Aaya as I know it was you. Kalyani says you knew it. Malhar promises her that he will bring Moksh to her and asks her to concentrate on study. Kalyani says how will I know when I fall in love and tells that Madhuri Dixit had told in film that God gives signs of love. Malhar says lets watch the moon. Kalyani says it doesn’t move, how it will sign.

Kalyani scolds Anupriya for writing English wrongly and asks her to speak in English always. Anupriya asks how to talk? Kalyani says I will apply a system on your mobile to keep watch on your English. Anupriya says I am not fool. Kalyani smiles and says talk to me in English otherwise I will not talk to you. Anupriya tries talking in English. Kalyani tells her that she has a condition and tells that after watching movies and hearing love songs, she was thinking what was love..? Na Jaane Mere dil ko plays….Kalyani smiles and says how I will know when it happens.

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