My Heart Knows 12 November 2021: The Episode starts with Anupriya splashing kumkum on Atharv and acting as she is possessed by Devi. She starts dancing. Aao Saheb says Devi came in Anupriya’s body to give us darshan and has chosen her. Rao Saheb and others fold their hands. Anupriya comes near Kalyani and asks her to go, saying she will handle it here. Kalyani thanks her.

Anupriya is dancing and splashing the colors on everyone. Devi maata plays…..Kalyani runs out and sees Malhar’s parked jeep. She sees Durga Prasad and recalls Malhar telling her that the dog understands Sampada’s smell. She asks Dog to help her find her. Dog runs out of the jeep. Malhar asks Aao Saheb, what is she saying? This is not true and is a superstition. Atharv sees Kalyani missing and asks Anupriya about her. Anupriya picks a hunter and beats him badly. Pallavi asks him to apologize to Devi. Atharv apologizes to her for his mistakes. Anupriya recalls Atharv’s tortures on Kalyani and beats him more. Malhar asks what is this madness? He asks Aao Saheb to stop Maayi.

Aao Saheb asks him to apologize to Devi. Malhar says I don’t believe in this blind faith. Anupriya is still beating Atharv and prays to God to help Kalyani find Sampada. People in the function tell that Atharv is blessed to get beaten by Devi. Malhar tries to stop Anupriya. Anupriya pretends to faint and falls down. Kalyani reaches a locked door following Durga Prasad. She breaks the lock and gets inside. She sees Sampada tied there. Sampada asks Kalyani to save her baby. Kalyani says she will call an ambulance. Sampada says I can’t go to the hospital. Kalyani says I don’t know how to do delivery. Malhar tries to make Anupriya come to her senses. People say that she is Devi. Malhar says she is Devi. He lifts her. Atharv looks on angry.

Kalyani checks on the net about delivering the baby, but she couldn’t understand. She thinks to call Anupriya. Malhar says she will call Doctor. Anupriya says Devi comes into her body to 3-4 times a year, and she will be unconscious for a few hours. Malhar says it is just blind faith. She needs medical attention. Anupriya acts to gain consciousness and asks how did I come here? Does she ask if Devi came? Aao Saheb says Anupriya knows that Devi enters her. Malhar says it is a disease of the body. Anupriya says she needs to rest. Malhar goes out. Aao Saheb, Aparna, and Pallavi also leave her room. Anupriya gets up and closes the door. She gets Kalyani’s call and she tells her that Sampada is in labor pain. She asks her to help. Anupriya says how you will do. She asks her to stop crying and do as she said. Kalyani says how I can do. She says if I do any mistake and if anything happens to Sampada or her baby.

Anupriya asks her to follow her instructions and says God will help her. Kalyani says I will do the delivery. She breaks the chair to burn the wood to boil the water in the mud pot. Sampada cries in pain. Kalyani asks her to have patience. Durga Prasad barks seeing fire. Sampada says fire. Anupriya asks Kalyani to set off a fire. Kalyani throws water on the fire and sets it off. Kalyani asks Sampada to try. Sampada says she can’t do it. Kalyani asks her to try. She asks Sampada to try. Sampada gives birth to a baby boy. Kalyani hugs the baby and tells Anupriya that the baby boy is born. Anupriya gets happy. Kalyani tells Sampada that boy is born and asks her to open her eyes. Anupriya is shocked and asks why the baby is not crying. Kalyani is shocked.

She cries. Just then the baby cries. Anupriya and Kalyani smile. Anupriya asks how is Sampada? Kalyani looks at Sampada and asks her to see her son. She cries and asks her to open her eyes. Anupriya asks what happened to Sampada. She asks her to open her eyes and cries. Anupriya asks her to check her nerve and splash water on her face. Kalyani checks her nerve and is shocked.

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